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Here’s hoping all the rad PURE followers are springing into September because you know its spring. YEAY!?! Time to get them floral tops and capri pants out

We aren’t that funny but we hoped that made you smile.

We cannot express enough how honored we are to be putting together this piece together for y’all and we hope you enjoy.

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Funny little title aye?!? Almost a pun

Recently we attended the Curtin Public Relations Student Chapters annual event PR in Fashion.

An outstanding evening that showcased runways from upcoming and established local designers as well as inspiring speeches from designers, industry professionals and bloggers of their experience in the industry. Here is the BLOG POST from Renae Cummins of the PURE committee on PR in Fashion.

D Y N A M I Q U E . B L O G has provided us with several and incredible opportunities to be a part of such events and shows. While giving us a spectacular insight into the industry and its workings, it has also pushed us to adapt very quickly to circumstances that no university education could have prepared us for.

We are talking | RSVP | dress code | etiquette | trending |

See we are students just like you and sometimes these awesome events may become the straw that break your calendar’s back.

However these events no matter how detrimental to our assignment schedule are severely important to what lies ahead of the books. These events allow us to grow further in a way of presenting our resume in a very interpersonal manner while establishing networks for the future thus the workings of networking.

So here are three ways how we do and how you can do too:-

  1. #Getready, #stressfree before the event without a #ootn meltdown

The Super Advance RSVP #getready #stressfree

So you see an event pop up on your facey, it looks kool and all. What do you do? Check that iPhone calendar ASAP and if you got nothing on and think you can make the time then schedule it in. Spend the next couple of days (approx. 2) roping your friends in and book the tickets ASAP. How does this help you? Now you know that you will be at an event so get all other aspects of your life organised and #getready for an awesome and #stressfree time (because nobody like to think about last minute assignments when you out with your friends posing at media walls and eating macaroons).

Wardrobe Malfunction/Meltdown #ootn

We will sound like your lecturer/tutor when we say don’leave outfit options for an event to the night before. Now this part is probably one of the good ones. Why? Because you get to shop. Leave yourself a couple of hours the weekend before the event to pick out the #ootn for the night. You get to see what you gotta put in the laundry and if there are little things you may be able to shop for to add a little flava-flav to your outfit.

Gentlemen, Adi’s tips for all the grooming:-

  • Style you hair, invest in a good hair product that lets you easily style your hair and get it looking decent
  • Always carry a camera, it makes you look rad and look like you know your shiz. Haha Adi’s little accessory, it is part of his role for the blog but you can always personalize this for something that demonstrates your personality.

Ladies, Sameera’s little tip for the makeup side of the spectrum:-

  • Wear a bare face during the day to uni with just moisturiser, this saves you time later because no reapplication/ cleaning needed as it gives you a clean palette to begin with.
  • Keep the make-up clean, stick to what you know for your features

And wear a nice perfume on the night, it not only serves as a good air cleansing enhancer but can quite often be a conversation starter with potential future working networks.

Smart casual is usually the go, we have invested in some key pieces which are easier to rotate around on a student budget | May be we will do an article on this later on 😉


Whatever event you may be attending keeping calm and staying humble is key. Remember at every point that you aren’t inferior or superior to anyone. Others may think so (it’s sad but this exists) but you humbling yourself shows you off in great light.

We can say with the MOST CERTAINTY that DEFINITELY make it your agenda to speak to some of the industry professionals present. This is quite a daunting task (we know all too well) so we suggest easing into it through the night. Get some canapés in your belly and sit through some of the presentations. You are bound to click with something that one of the speakers is saying and that will be your pointer or rather your conversation starter. Take a friend along with you and you will be giving yourself a huge hug when you have conquered talking to someone who inspires you. Trust us when we say that this does get easier with time and as you attend more events the crowds become familiar and easier to interact through and with.

So keep calm, stay humble and remember to make a good impression because you may just stumble on a great opportunity unexpectedly.

  1. Get trending #hashtagit

If you have a phone and any kind of social media then you should no problem and/or excuse to get trending on the events social media hashtag.

Now if you are really into it you can keep in tune with the event page to know what the hashtag of the event is. Quite often it will be in the info and if not then someone like Sameera is bound to ask. Also it is most likely going to be publicized on the night so you better have those phones charged.

Get all over the trend and media wall, why? Because this is how peeps will find you. During and after the event people often look through the tagged photos with the trending photos and this is how we find people we may have talked to on the night and want to continue communication with for future projects or just make good friends.

It is basically free publicity for you so use it without shame but with limits (don’t want to put something out that you can’t get back, remember it’s SOCIAL MEDIA)

Check us out trending #prinfashion2014


Cheeky runway #selfie


At the ASOS media wall

Ok only about 1300 words later we are going to let you go.

We hope you have relished over our little wisdom.

We are no professionals but we are disclosing our experiences with you.

If you would like to see more from us on the PURE blog please comment down below with what you think. Share and like and do all that good stuff.

We are currently expanding to doing monthly editorials on | ARTIST ENCOUNTERS | MENSWEAR | FOODIE ADVENTURES | If you know of any peeps with talent who would like to appear on our blog please send them to our social media or website. Also send us some of your SHOE CHRONICLES to be featured on our Instagram.

DIGITS | All hyperlinked for your ease |





Thank you for having us


Sameera & Adi

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  1. Thank you for having us PURE at Murdoch and all its followers.
    Thank you for reading.
    Please comment down below with your experiences at events or what you may like to see from us for future GUEST BLOGs

    Stay D Y N A M I C

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