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Hello and welcome to each and everyone one of Murdoch’s new PR students and to oldies, welcome back!! With a new year and new semester already in full swing it is time for PURE’s Annual General Meeting. For those who are unfamiliar with the process of an AGM fear not, as I am here to inform and hope persuade you into attending.

As part of the PURE committee we hold fortnightly meetings to organize, communicate and touch base with each other in regards to all the wonderful things we plan throughout the semester. The AGM is slightly different however, as we not only look forward to the things to come, but also reflect on what we have achieved during the previous year. This meeting is also very important as it provides students with the opportunity to join our fabulous committee.

Last year several committee members graduated and we are certainly hoping to fill the void at the coming meeting. We don’t expect you to volunteer for president (or secretary as I did last year), however becoming a committee member is thoroughly enjoyable and I can vouch for that. As a first year we can understand how daunting it can be, but is was through the PURE committee that I’ve made some great friends and learnt so much about the PR world outside of classes!

So please, even if you’re not on campus, make the effort to attend. You wont know if you like it until you try it! And I promise we don’t bite! 🙂


5 Things we all end up doing for Father’s Day

Do you remember last year around late August and early September? The weekend before father’s day? You completely forgot it was coming up – because how is it September all ready, right? You had to quickly plan something and think of the perfect gift for him within days. He of course still showed complete gratitude for the efforts you scrambled together; but wouldn’t it be nice to accept its September already and really show your thanks and love for that special man who’s always been there for you? It would be nice, but c’mon, we’re all going to procrastinate just like last year. I, as a veteran of this dilemma, have come up with ‘5 Things We All End Up Doing for Father’s Day’.

  1. Knowing for weeks that Father’s Day is coming up but never actually knowing when until the day before when your mum reminds you. It’s not like Mother’s Day where if you have forgotten you can just duck down to your nearest Coles or Woolies, pick up some flowers, maybe some chocolate, (yes, I have done this) and you’re set. No, no Father’s Day is different. He (probably) wouldn’t accept flowers and chocolate as a present. And now you’re stuck in a pit of self-pity, disappointment, and regret that you weren’t more organised.
  2. Waking up on Father’s Day and cooking him breakfast in bed, with a card you picked up the day before and just wrote on it 2 minutes ago so the ink is still a little wet. The key with this simple classic is to always knock on the bedroom door and wait for permission to enter, if you have never thought of this as a must then you are a very very lucky person.
  3. Always buying him AFL merchandise year after year because you’re too lazy to think of something original. This is something I am also guilty of doing. Hey, I know my dad barracks for the Eagles so to hell with it – am I lazy? Yes. Do I want to get him something different this year? Yes, but I am lazy. So another Eagles coffee mug it is this year.
  4. Similar to point #3 I know my dad is a huge fan of motocross so if I can I try to incorporate that in a present. If I can. Usually I can’t. Usually it’s just an Eagle’s scarf or coffee mug with the dying thought that one day, one day, I will give him something that serves his other interests. But it’s the thought that counts, right?
  5. Getting him something alcohol related. Being an Australian, this is a safe, appropriate, and often requested gift. A good bottle of his favourite alcoholic beverage and you might be his favourite child this year. It doesn’t necessarily have to be a bottle of alcohol, it can be something for his bar, a drinking game, or a drinking cup… that you’ll probably steal for your own purposes.

I can go on but the main thing about Father’s Day is showing your thanks to your dad, whether that be a well-planned day or something you just came up with the day before. Whatever you end up doing or getting for your dad he will appreciate anyway. Just remember to take some time to say ‘I love you’ and appreciate him.


Europe for Beginners: What I Wish I Knew

It’s been a couple of weeks since I embarked on my month long journey to Europe, during the break. With high hopes and dreams, I remember tossing and turning over all the different opportunities that I will face over my time there, the people I will meet and the memories I will create. I originally thought it would end up like the movie Euro Trip, but it proved to be something much more than that.

Today, after reviewing my time in Europe, I want to share with you my experiences (the appropriate ones…) and maybe even give you all a few tips on travelling Europe.

  • You’re going to get lost!

I don’t know if this is obvious to everyone else, but it wasn’t to me. I like to think of myself as a well-rounded navigator who can follow a map. Hmm, turns out maybe I’m not! The streets of Italy and Amsterdam will have your mind spinning in circles, wondering if you just saw that guy on the street trying to sell you a ‘selfie stick’ just five minutes ago. The truth is, you’re probably lost. But don’t get too worried, take it as an adventure, and when you get the chance, maybe check with someone for directions!

  • Always check the weather in advance

So… I wish I listened to my mother on this one. I went to Europe late June through to the end of July. All I can say is I wasted a lot of space in my bag with unnecessary jumpers, jeans and beanies! Although my Mum gave me a good stern warning, I still didn’t listen. Instead I listened too many of my friends who told me it would be cold in the European Summer, sorry Mum! SO always have a bit of a check on google for rough weather forecasts of the locations you’re heading too.

  • Money! Money! Money!

Money, we all love to have it and sure, we all hate to use it sometimes. But money makes the world go around… and it keeps you travelling. So, please, make sure you have enough. Budget for all your travels appropriately before you get over there, way too many times I saw people frantically calling Mum and Dad back home begging for a couple hundred dollars to keep their trip rolling!

  • Be prepared to make lifelong friends

When I was talking to other friends about their experiences in Europe, time after time I was told, “you make the best friends, you’ll see how hard it is once you have to leave them”. I thought, “Ok, yeah, possibly it’ll be a little hard, but I’ll only know them for a month so how hard could it be”. Well, as my friends all said, very hard! Many nights were spent hugging and drinking until 4-5am in the morning wishing new friends a safe departure and reminiscing on the times you had together during your trip. Also, remember many hours will be consumed whilst intoxicated, planning trips to meet with one another in alternate locations around the world, always!

  • Push past the hangover!

Now this isn’t for the faint hearted, you have to be strong to follow this tip. After the morning spent out on the town until 5am saying goodbye to your new friends, you might not be so keen to wake up at 8am to start your day and get outside and continue your explorations. All I can say is, I’m sorry, you have too. There is no time to waste when you’re away, so either your friend, or the creepy guy under your bunk in your hostel will wake you up eventually. Just drink lots of water, and keep on pushing!

  • Take every opportunity you get!

Last but definitely not least… Way too often I saw people backing down from a challenge, not facing a fear or missing out on an awesome opportunity, please, don’t be this person! It’s an amazing place with so many incredible things to see, and no one wants to go home with regrets. So do everything you set out to do and make it a trip filled with memories and experiences that you can share with everyone for the rest of your life!

So, ciao, au revoir, auf Wiedersehen, adios!

Make the most of the life you have and make it something special to remember.

// Luke Duff.

Welcome semester 2

Wow! Can anybody tell me where this year has gone? I don’t even know where the past month has gone, never mind the other 6!

But! I’m sure there is plenty of you who are reading this wondering what the next 14 weeks has in store for you… you’ll be glad to hear that you’re not alone! Whether you’re a fresh faced first year or a seasoned Murdoch 3rd year, either way I can guarantee you there is going to be plenty of highs, lows, laughter, tears, exhaustion and excitement!

All of which is going to be worth it at the end of the day might I add…

So very briefly I just wanted to take this opportunity to welcome you all back for 2015 round 2 at Murdoch! And most of all I want to get you all really excited about the event-filled semester PURE has in store for you all!!

PURE will be hosting our usual Coffee Catch-up and we encourage all you fabulous comms students to come on down to the Tav on the 13th of August and enjoy some goodies, a nice warm cuppa and some good company. This is a great opportunity to not only meet the PURE committee (we don’t bite..honest!) but to also get to know your fellow cohort (fun fact: getting to know them sooner rather than later means group assignments get a whole lot better!).

We will also be introducing a new professional skills initiative this semester that will incorporate a variety of professionals and career experts offering up great tips and advice on how to brand yourself and craft your business skills to make yourself a lot more desirable to employers when it comes to entering the big bad workforce! Stay tuned for more info on this it’s shaping up to be a really great interactive event!

Finally our most popular event of the semester PR a la carte will be kicked off once again on the 30th of October. Jam-packed with new faces, new experiences and new networking opportunities! So watch this space.

The whole committee is really looking forward to meeting all you new-comers as well as seeing some familiar faces over the next few weeks. So just relax and enjoy the ride (it doesn’t last forever!)

Finally I want to leave you with a little food for thought, it will come in especially handy when things might get a little bit too much or your work load might seem so overwhelming (believe me when I say it’s never as bad as you think it is). So! repeat after me…

Take pride in how far you have come, and have faith in how far you can go!

And in the wise words of our incredible committee member Sameera… Keep on HUSTLING!


Wishing you all a successful and fun-filled semester and we hope to see you all at the coffee catch up!

/Lynsey Brady 

President of PURE

Overcoming Conflict as a Casual Worker

I want to talk a little today about a subject everyone will face at some point in their working life; conflict in the workplace. This is something that’s become of interest to me lately as I’ve taken on a more senior role in my particular part time job – but it’s something that we must learn to navigate no matter how big your pay cheque is. I want to talk specifically to the students on the net today; as most of us are. If you’re someone who works less than 30 hours a week, then this one is for you.

The corporate world has various opinions in workplace conflict; some view it as constructive and an opportunity for growth, while others see it as somewhat of a disease to be avoided at all costs. Regardless, and I’m sorry to burst your bubble, you’re going to experience conflict at work one day. The trick is understanding where it’s coming from, and how to navigate it so that it is constructive.

Any type of conflict is difficult, but I’m going to introduce a concept to you that I learnt recently that might help you to understand where it comes from. When we’re in conflict with someone, we often objectify them. This means, that instead of thinking about them as a mistake-making human being, we turn them into anything but. You’ll hear yourself thinking (or even talking) about the other person like this: “he’s such a waste of space” or “why are some people so stupid” or worse, “why can’t they see where I’m coming from”. In all of these instances, you take the onus of resolving this conflict from yourself, and give it to the other person. You dehumanise them. You jump inside your box of perfection that no one else can penetrate. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve messed up on the job (and sometimes in a big way), and I know you must have too. So, next time you’re angry with someone at work, have a think… Am I sitting inside my box? What was their real intention? Are my actions resolving anything?

The second most important part of conflict resolution is honesty. Never let things go unsaid. Most of the time, (especially as casual and part time employees) we avoid having difficult conversations so that we don’t start fights, or disrupt harmony in the work team. But this is the OPPOSITE of what you need to do. There’s a three phase approach that I always keep in mind when it comes to airing my grievances… First, talk to the person who’s most immediately concerned with the conflict. Give yourselves a chance to work it out quietly. This means that you never become the “dobber”. And they’ll value that you gave them the chance to correct their mistakes. This step is also two phase… You need to be able to take other people’s honesty on board too. Have integrity and be determined to be better. Second, if this doesn’t work, talk to your immediate supervisor. This may be a shift manager, or department manager. Try and avoid going above people’s heads. And finally, when all else has failed and the issue is serious enough, get things put in writing. Most workplaces have a formal grievance process, and you want to make sure you’ve documented everything.

If you’re like me, you’ve worked before as a casual employee and felt that your opinion held little value and so you hide like a mouse in the corner avoiding anyone and anything that might cause a disruption. I’m here to tell you now: STOP IT! I know that if you’re reading this, you’re a person who takes your career, and your reputation seriously, and that means you’ve got a voice and an opinion that should be heard. What you need to focus on doing instead of sitting in the corner (metaphorically of course) is create your value and advertise it to your employer. For me, this has included things like always being well dressed, always doing the cleaning without being asked, turning up early, offering to do the rubbish jobs that no one likes to do, having excellent communication skills… Become someone they would be at a loss without.

And finally, here’s a truth bomb (and I hope it helps someone out there)… DON’T BE SCARED TO QUIT. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying quit every time you dislike a situation at work – but don’t stay in a job where even after you’ve proven your value, you still feel like you’re not worth a dime to those around you. Insidious workplaces are the strongest antidote to your bright light. And let me tell you, your light is one that everyone out there needs to see. You’ve just got to find somewhere it shines the brightest. Even as a part time or casual worker, you deserve to feel like you belong.

Business life

Happy new financial year!

/Kayla Webb


Two new internship opportunities have come up and we are excited to share them with our amazing PR students! Please have a read through and if you are interested – flick an email to the contact person for more information (or send them your resume and some information about why you are interested).

INTERNSHIP OPPORTUNITY 1: Course Content Review – Development and Communications Office

Project Details: Intensive Project: Review of Course Marketing Content on Murdoch University Website;

This projects will entail the review, recommendation and creation/update of new course marketing copy housed on the Murdoch University website, targeting prospective students.

Ideally the content updates will also be considered in the context of other, related marketing materials and these will be identified for updates accordingly.

Working and consulting with university stakeholders across schools and professional services areas will be a core part of the task.

Some of the tasks include but are not limited to;

– Review and familiarisation of/with existing material

– Assessment of content status

– Prioritisation of content for revision

– Consulting with stakeholders as to key marketing messages

– Production of new/revised content

– Marketing Strategy

– Content marketing, creative content production


The applicant will have the following skills; 

– Knowledge of marketing principles including identification of uniques selling propositions

– Ability to research competitive positions in the market and leverage identified strenghts

– Strong written communication skills

– Effective Presentation skills

– Highly organised

– Excellent interpersonal skills

This internship opportunity will commence Semester 2 (preferred earlier) and require the commitment of 20 hours week until the project has finished (as soon as possible). This is an opportunity for one or two students.

Contact Person:

Jean Wootton

Unit Co-Ordinator – Work Integrated Learning

School of Management and Governance



INTERNSHIP OPPORTUNITY 2: Urban Activation Strategy – Student Review ; Property, Development and Commercial Services Office

The Property, Development & Commercial Services Office (PDCSO) is responsible for planning for the infrastructure, spatial and environmental needs of Murdoch University and its community. They are now looking for one or two students (preferably one undergraduate and one post graduate) who has knowledge in any of the following areas;

Sustainable Development, Public Relations; Tourism & Events, Business, urban planning, project management.

With the following skills;

Excellent written and oral communications skills
Enrolled on-campus
Knowledge of urban and/or community design principles

Information about the project:

The University is currently preparing an Urban Activation Strategy to complement its proposed South Street Campus Master Plan and major projects planned for Bush Court. A key component of the Urban Activation Strategy is to;

Deliver programs, events, facilities and infrastructure that enhance the student experience on-campus; and
Empower and inspire students to initiate activity and place-making on-campus.

Through achieving these objectives, it is anticipated that Murdoch University willl;

Experience less “leakage” of students to surrounding areas for retail and leisure
Attract students to the University through its dynamic and inclusive community
Instil a sense of pride and belonging among students.

The interns will contribute to development of the urban activation strategy and program through undertaking specific research on student needs and developing solutions. The interns will be required to work together as a team on this project by developing and implementing a communications plan and a report.

This internship opportunity will commence Semester 2 and require the commitment of one day a week.

Contact Person:

Lyndelle Perpoli

Urban Infrastructure Manager



/Jenny Ljunggren