Last Weeks Coffee Catch-up

Thank you to everyone for coming to last weeks Coffee Catch-Up! Huge success as always!

The Coffee Catch Up is one of our favourite events of the year as it is such a great opportunity for the PURE committee to get to know the PR, Communications and Journalist students better. If you missed out last Thursday your next chance to do some networking with your fellow students will be in two weeks time. More information to come in a couple of days time, we can’t wait to see you all then!



Our PURE President Lynsey

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Some of our amazing committee members!


Ryan was the Barista King!

/Jenny Ljunggren

What happens when you meet “the bloggers”

If you happened to miss Wednesdays PR-event “Meet the bloggers” and are currently being consumed by a certain feeling of FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out), don’t worry; we have all been there. I hate missing out on things, especially when it is a networking event where I know I would have gained some great knowledge and met masses of interesting people. Luckily, I attended this Wednesday’s event, hosted by PRIA WA and our own fabulous Murdoch University, and I will kindly share my thoughts on the night with you whom couldn’t attend!

It truly was an insightful evening, where we had the opportunity to listen to a panel discussion with 4 Perth bloggers who shared their insights on the world of blogging. Catherine Archer, whom most of us know as our lecturer and tutor in the PR-program, facilitated the discussion and she did a great job with bringing the conversations to life. I loved the fact that all the bloggers come from different backgrounds and write very different blogs, reminding us of how varied the world of blogging is. Amanda Kendle writes the blog “Not a Ballerina”, Jo Castro writes the blog “Lifestyle Fifty” and Sameera Afzaal and Aditya Bajekal (students here at Murdoch) writes the blog A panel with big personalities enabled some great insights and some of the things they said truly stuck with me;

Sameera did not only give an amazing speech about overcoming people in your life who don’t believe in you, but she also gave some concrete advice for people who do blog or dream of starting one. It is easy – Do your research. As PR-practitioners we chuckle to ourselves because we already know how important this is, but we also know that some (such as managers, business owners or people we work with) may not always agree. Research takes time and it costs money, but to have a successful blog you need to know your stuff. It is competitive; make sure you don’t create something that is already out there. Check what are popular ways of spreading your blog posts, Facebook, Instagram or even Snapchat? What does it cost to pay for sponsored posts on Facebook, LinkedIn and other avenues? Sameera and Aditya know all this; they spent almost 2 years researching before launching their blog.

It was great to listen to Amanda who has been blogging for ten years and now runs workshops on both blogging and social media to coach others in the expanding world of media. When she first begun blogging she used her blog as a portfolio and I believe this is where we can all take a note, because through her writing she got offered jobs, sponsorships and it truly opened the door to adventures she probably never anticipated. As PR-practitioners we get judged on our writing, and a blog is a great way to showcase not only your writing, but also your personality, something future employers want to see sooner rather than later.

Jo has the blog Lifestyle Fifty and she is also a freelance writer. When asked what she thinks of getting paid for writing certain posts on her blog she said something which I believe is a good thing for us to remember; “Gifts and things are great to get as thanks for writing a post, however it doesn’t pay my grocery bill. My family has to eat as all others”. It is easy to look at blogging as a trivial hobby for people who has got nothing better to do, it is not. Jo made the point that as a blogger you are not only a writer, you are the photographer, the editor, the strategic developer, the social media manager, etc. It is time-consuming and it is 24/7, when PR practitioners pitch stories to bloggers we need to be respectful and remember that this is a job like any other.

It was a great event and it once again reminded me of why I love this industry so much. By working in PR I will throughout my career be surrounded by people who will keep me inspired and challenge me to be creative and unprejudiced in every way possible.

/Jenny Ljunggren

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4 reasons to study abroad, seen through the eyes of an international student.

So on Wednesday (15th of April) Murdoch is hosting a Study abroad and Exchange fair and I recommend that every single one of you go. If you have the opportunity to study abroad, even if it is only for a semester, I think you should. I left Sweden almost 5 years ago, and although things are harder away from your family, traveling and studying in a country other than your own is a life changing experience and it definitely makes you a different (I would say better) person.

1. It makes your resume stronger and can boost your chances to get employed.

Problem solving, adaptability and your relationship-building skills improve something ridiculous when you are forced to live and study in a country other than your own. I have lived away from Sweden since I was 19 and I have never called my parents screaming for help (although I have wanted to several times…), I have instead had to make friends and contacts where I am. This has not only made me realize that I am stronger than I ever thought, but also that people are friendlier and more helpful than I could ever imagine.

2. You gain cultural understanding  

In today’s society, where you will meet and work with people from all over the world, it doesn’t cut it walking around thinking that people from other cultures are strange. During my time in Australia I have made friends from Germany, The U.S, Australia, Singapore, China, Malaysia, England and New Zealand, just to mention a few. It is easy to become close minded if you never venture outside your safe little haven surrounded by your family and childhood friends. People from different places find different things funny, annoying or interesting, and having this in the back of your mind will make you a relationship-building Superstar. It also makes you a better human being. Period.

3. It builds you up in more ways than one.

There is nothing more liberating (and terrifying) than moving to a country where you know no one, and no one knows anything about you. For me, this truly made me analyze not only who I was, but also who I wanted to become. I have freely been able to shape my own personality (through triumphs and downfalls along the way) without people around me telling me that “I have changed”.

4. You become a risk-taker.

A dear friend of mine (who I met traveling) once said to me; “Nothing always leads to nothing, and something always leads to something”This saying has since become somewhat of a mantra to me. When you look back at your time away you realise that being outside your comfort zone for that long has made you look at risks with different eyes. After all it is just another opportunity, right?

*The exchange fair is on between 10am and 2pm on Wednesday at South street Campus*. 

/Jenny Ljunggren



Another Coffee catch-up and another AGM done and dusted! And I must say that this years event made me a little sentimental… It was exactly one year ago I decided to join Pure, and I remember going to the AGM feeling excited but also a little freaked out. I had no idea what to expect or who would be there, or even what PURE was all about. The committee that came out from last years AGM became a tight-knit team of students who were happy to use their spare time to work hard on creating events, networking and expanding PURE’s social media presence. But we also worked a lot on reaching out to the Murdoch PR-students, letting them know what PURE actually is and what the committee does. I believe we saw our hard work paying of today, when more pr-students than ever before sat down together, keen to join the PURE committee and all that it stands for. If last year was an amazing year for PURE, I am positive that this year will be even better. photo 1-3 photo 2-3 /Jenny Ljunggren

Welcome semester One!

Alright so semester one has officially begun! Some of us have had a massive 3-month break from uni while others reading this might begin their first semester ever. If that is the case; Welcome! Welcome to the PURE blog but also – welcome to the journey that is university! It will make you cry in exhaustion, laugh so hard you have to hold on not to pee yourself, and occasionally it will also make you scream out loud, because that is what you do when you are immensely proud of yourself. All of this will happen. This is why I am so pumped at the moment, a new semester means new units, new books (so expensive that I have to eat noodles for about 2 weeks – but anyway), and new acquaintances who by the end of the semester will have become good friends.

Some of you reading this might not really know what PURE is, what we do and who we are. It doesn’t matter if it is your first semester or your last, sometimes things go unnoticed, PURE might be one of these things. Maybe you study PR but haven’t really felt the need to engage in your studies and the students around you. (If this is the case – you are wasting your uni years, get your sh**t together!)

I want to take this opportunity to tell you guys about what we are all about. PURE exists purely (see what I did there) for the PR students at Murdoch, run by a group of students happy to lend some of their valuable time to make things happen for the programme they love. The committee meets every second week and we plan great PR events for you, we make sure that you know about the new internship opportunities available, and we organize so you get a chance to get to know your classmates (and PR students from other universities) better outside the lecture theatres.

3 years pass quickly guys, take my advice and make this semester the one where you do something different. Where you take your uni-experience a step further. This semester we are looking for more motivated PR students to join our committee. Do it! And if you are lacking the time, make sure to come to the events we put on. To become successful you need to walk that extra mile, and as cheesy as it may sound, In PURE we walk that mile together. It is great fun and guarantees a bunch of life long friends by the end of it, so send us a PM if you are as keen as we are for an amazing PR-semester ahead!

/Jenny Ljunggren


(some of the PURE members at last years Murdoch Open day)

Murdoch Open Day


Some of us from PURE at Murdoch Open Day

(Jayde, Zoe, Renae, Nicola, Jenny)

Yesterday Murdoch University held its “Open Day” which is a day where year twelve students and others who are curious about going to university can come and see how it is to study at Murdoch. Myself and a couple of other girls from the PURE committee happily devoted our Sunday to stand by the PR – programmes table and answered questions about our experience at Murdoch. Meeting all these slightly confused people on the verge of university life reminded me about how I felt when I was about to choose both programme and school. As I was coming from another country and I was going to pay international student fees for the course I was going to undertake, I wanted to be certain that I made the right decision. I remember searching online for days about which school was the best, should I do PR or Journalism, or should I even do marketing? So many possibilities and no one to help me out with these massive decisions! Helping out at Murdoch’s Open Day yesterday inspired me to write a little summary of my own thoughts and what made me choose Murdoch and the PR – programme.

First of all, at the time of my decision to go to university I lived in Forrestfield, a suburb that is equally as far away from pretty much all the universities. This did not help my decision-making at all. However, UWA, which is meant to be a great school, charged quite a lot more money for International studies compared to Murdoch, ECU and Curtin and therefore that one was out of the question for me. ECU have a campus in the city, however they also have one up in Joondalup and some of the units would have to be taken there for the programmes I was interested in. And I was really not keen on driving all the way up there so therefore that one went away as well. So why did I go with Murdoch and not Curtin, which both have great PR – programmes? What ended up being the most important thing for me was the fact that Murdoch is a smaller University than Curtin, I was worried that I was just going to be a number and feel lost in such a big school as Curtin, so I ended up going with Murdoch. Something that I am very happy about today! The classes are small, the tutors know you by name, I always feel that I can ask them any question I have, about PR in general or about the assignments we have, and the teachers make time for you, they make you feel seen – and that is why I like Murdoch so much.

The PR programme in general is good, and I am happy I chose this before marketing or Journalism. I love writing and in PR there is a lot of research, writing and planning, you need to like it otherwise you won’t enjoy it. Marketing is more about advertising, numbers, money and for me who are more interested in communication and how that works – PR suits me better. The fact that you can combine it with your interest, Fashion PR, Politics, Charities, Corporations, you name it, is what really made me interested. There are so many possibilities!

If you read this and feel like you have questions about your choices when it comes to university, and you don’t know whom to ask – Send us a PM here or on our Facebook page! All of us in the PURE committee come from different backgrounds, we do different Double Majors and we have different experiences. And we are all happy to answer any of your questions!

 /Jenny Ljunggren

The #LikeAGirl campaign reminds me of why I find PR so fascinating

Some of you might have already seen it, heard of it or spoken about it, I admit that I might be a little slow to jump on the bandwagon on this one, but I have just discovered this amazing video which is part of a campaign run by Always (feminine hygiene product brand for you who are not familiar with it). I think it came out last month and it is going viral as we speak with the hashtag #LikeAGirl. Always have teamed up with the award-winning film maker Lauren Greenfield to illustrate the decrease in self confidence that many young women go through around puberty and how sayings such as “run like a girl, or hit like a girl” may affect this. Most of us can relate to hearing and even using these expressions as insults, however in this video, the viewer get asked the question why ”run like a girl” can’t also mean win the race?

This campaign does remind me of others such as the Dove “Real Beauty” campaign and other branded female empowerment campaigns, it is nothing new with other words and some people might hate the concept. You might argue that these brands try to exploit real issues for their own revenue. However, I am a sucker for it.

I am usually a little reluctant to watch videos online as when they finish I feel like I have just wasted two or three minutes of my life, most of them are utterly boring. However this one made me smile, and then it made me a little sad and worried to be honest. Because it is happening all around me and it is so common that I don’t’ even notice when “like a girl” is used as something often silly and negative. After watching the video I felt determined to make this change.

When this determination took over I managed to stop for a second and realize what was going on, and I thought to myself “This is really clever”. Always managed to get me just where they wanted me. On their website Always write “We’re kicking off an epic battle to make sure that girls everywhere keep their confidence throughout puberty and beyond, and making a start by showing them that doing it #LikeAGirl is an awesome thing – Join the movement”. This is great PR work! Just that thing, “Join the movement”. They make me want to take part of this epic battle as they call it. So I do have to admit, Always have managed to get me so touched by their work that yes, I will go on twitter and use the hashtag, and maybe even buy their brand over other brands from now on. The best thing is that they managed to do this without showing a single product in the video, and this is where PR comes in. They got me because they made me believe that they are a good company, sincerely concerned about young girls confidence. (I told you – I am a sucker for it). Campaigns like this do remind me of why I find PR so fascinating. What do we do and how do we do it to get people to love our brand? Great campaign, great PR work Always.

Jenny Ljunggren