October 1st, 2015 PURE at Murdoch held its first ever SKILLS DAY.Inspirational quotes 7

On a fine spring morning we set up with enthusiasm, ready to be inspired by our guest panelists and excited for what we could take away from the day to better ourselves in our professions.


Before we go on, mega kudos have to be given not only to our esteemed panelists and presenter but also to all the amazing Murdoch students that came out on Thursday morning during the study break.

Thank you for making our first event of this kind such a success.


IMG_1940 IMG_1938

For those that weren’t able to make it, fret not we have wrapped up all the pieces of the golden advice and put it here for you in a short list for your disposal anytime.


MEET THE PANEL (Left to Right)

Alex York – Communication and Events Coordinator at Murdoch University

James Hammond – Graduate Economist

Danika Adams – Economist at Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Western Australia

Dhiva Shini – PR Manager and Freelancer

And our PURE Committee member and hosts Sameera Afzaal and Olivia Haynes

Now, let’s begin.

We have paired up all the advice into categories for your ease.

Resume, cover letters, portfolio and LinkedIn

  1. Make sure you are highlighting and giving future employers relevant information
  2. Look at the industry you are applying for and showcase required skills set
  3. Cover letters are equally important in making a position impression
  4. Convey your value to the company in the cover letter by highlighting your acquired skills in line with their required skills
  5. Invest time in creating portfolios of your work and a LinkedIn profile
  6. Always proof read your resume, cover letters, portfolio and online profiles
  7. Ask friends and family to give it a second look

Social media

  1. Google yourself and delete anything that you don’t want employers to see
  2. Do not overshare
  3. Be aware of what you are sharing
  4. Just because your profile is private doesn’t mean its “private” it can be tracked down through mutual networks
  5. Choose appropriate profile picture for professional portfolios or LinkedIn accounts

Office etiquette (attitude, emails, meetings)

  1. Leave negativity at the door
  2. Always arrive to work on time
  3. Collaborate and stay cordial
  4. Stay formal in office emails, you never know who they may be forwarded too
  5. Remember office emails are property of the company and can be recalled at any time
  6. Don’t call too many meetings as a newbie
  7. Only call meetings with a defined outcome, remember everyones time is valuable
  8. Always have a meeting agenda if meeting is called and stick to relevant conversation

Dress code etiquette

  1. It is always better to overdress for your interview than undress
  2. Adjust your office wardrobe according to the situation
  3. Don’t stress, it comes with time as you adjust to your environment


  1. Always a good idea
  2. If you exchange business cards, respect the contact and take time to look at it and don’t shove it away
  3. Remember you never know where you might be able to make a valuable contact or friend

So there is a little round up for you all.

we rapidly approach the summer many of us will be sourcing out internships, work placement or just a casual job. Remember that every experience is valuable and often it takes time to adjust to new working environments. Don’t stress, hustle, learn and live.


/Sameera Afzaal