A night of fashion

A runway, fashion garments, flowing champagne, photographers, food, professionals and friends – this all screams a night of glamour and class. A night to remember that is filled with intricate designs and unique style. In a way fashion has sort of taken over the world – it has become a global love. When you think of fashion you think of ‘New York fashion Week’, Street style, Boho, Chic or maybe you think of high-end fashion and you prefer that put together classy look. But that’s my point; everyone indulges and thinks about it. It is a universal love, whether we want to acknowledge it or not. For me fashion is a love I hope to peruse one day, so naturally when I heard about PRSC (the Curtin PR student chapter) PR in fashion event I HAD to attend, and I had to get my favourite people to come and enjoy it with me. It’s an event I do not regret going to. This event showcased designs from various student designers to established ones: Betty Tran, Lost Soul and Zingiber Swimwear to name a few.


This dress by Zed Alliance was one of my favourite from the line, the triangular cut out in the centre gives it edge and the look itself is fabulous. The whole range is to die for.     ‘Pretty Pretty Pretty’ would be the words to describe Lost Souls latest range.

Screen Shot 2014-08-14 at 12.02.56 pm

This Bandage Crop top and skirt combo was one of my favourites from the night, incredibly elegant and chic, all I thought was “this needs to be in my wardrobe, I want it”. Full of incredible body dresses to accentuate shape and curves Lost souls designs were to die for. Zingiber Swimwear would be the designer that I found to be unique worth the watch. Her swimwear is one of a kind.


This high collared, high waisted pair was my favourite, Incredibly flattering and easy on they eye.

Surrounded by up and coming designers and a handful of very talented people was the highlight of my evening, as I’m sure it was for the rest of the committee. Hearing Betty Tran’s story about how far she’s come and the struggles along the way were inspiring, hearing Maeve Helena talk about her struggles with internships made me feel more at ease with graduating and finding that job. It made realize even though they are so professional and have come so far, they are still human and are real and their struggles were real and like mine.

All in all the event proved to be a success it was very well put on, everything was handled professionally and the overall turn out proved to be phenomenal.

To end this little rant l here is a photo of me and few committee members enjoying the atmosphere of the event, we miss you Eamon!


/Renae Cummins

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