Murdoch Open Day


Some of us from PURE at Murdoch Open Day

(Jayde, Zoe, Renae, Nicola, Jenny)

Yesterday Murdoch University held its “Open Day” which is a day where year twelve students and others who are curious about going to university can come and see how it is to study at Murdoch. Myself and a couple of other girls from the PURE committee happily devoted our Sunday to stand by the PR – programmes table and answered questions about our experience at Murdoch. Meeting all these slightly confused people on the verge of university life reminded me about how I felt when I was about to choose both programme and school. As I was coming from another country and I was going to pay international student fees for the course I was going to undertake, I wanted to be certain that I made the right decision. I remember searching online for days about which school was the best, should I do PR or Journalism, or should I even do marketing? So many possibilities and no one to help me out with these massive decisions! Helping out at Murdoch’s Open Day yesterday inspired me to write a little summary of my own thoughts and what made me choose Murdoch and the PR – programme.

First of all, at the time of my decision to go to university I lived in Forrestfield, a suburb that is equally as far away from pretty much all the universities. This did not help my decision-making at all. However, UWA, which is meant to be a great school, charged quite a lot more money for International studies compared to Murdoch, ECU and Curtin and therefore that one was out of the question for me. ECU have a campus in the city, however they also have one up in Joondalup and some of the units would have to be taken there for the programmes I was interested in. And I was really not keen on driving all the way up there so therefore that one went away as well. So why did I go with Murdoch and not Curtin, which both have great PR – programmes? What ended up being the most important thing for me was the fact that Murdoch is a smaller University than Curtin, I was worried that I was just going to be a number and feel lost in such a big school as Curtin, so I ended up going with Murdoch. Something that I am very happy about today! The classes are small, the tutors know you by name, I always feel that I can ask them any question I have, about PR in general or about the assignments we have, and the teachers make time for you, they make you feel seen – and that is why I like Murdoch so much.

The PR programme in general is good, and I am happy I chose this before marketing or Journalism. I love writing and in PR there is a lot of research, writing and planning, you need to like it otherwise you won’t enjoy it. Marketing is more about advertising, numbers, money and for me who are more interested in communication and how that works – PR suits me better. The fact that you can combine it with your interest, Fashion PR, Politics, Charities, Corporations, you name it, is what really made me interested. There are so many possibilities!

If you read this and feel like you have questions about your choices when it comes to university, and you don’t know whom to ask – Send us a PM here or on our Facebook page! All of us in the PURE committee come from different backgrounds, we do different Double Majors and we have different experiences. And we are all happy to answer any of your questions!

 /Jenny Ljunggren

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