My Time at Murdoch University.

When I first started University in 2013, I felt the same as everyone else. I was nervous, unaware, and wildly confused with my future. I began to study at Murdoch with a double major in English and Creative Writing and Drama and Theatre. Fresh out of high school I chose areas that interested me during my time there; only to find that maybe I didn’t make the best choices with my newly high school graduated mindset. I was unsure of my choices, with many of my friends taking off gaining apprenticeships and beginning to make some money, with many of them encouraging me to go down the same route. After many sleepless nights, the decision to go to University to study seemed the best fit for me.

I remember my second semester vividly at Murdoch. After liaising with a friend about general electives to take, he encouraged me to give public relations a go.
I said, ‘public relations… what’s that?’
He told me ‘Ah, it’s kind of cool we just learn about Facebook and social media stuff, you should try it out.’

So with no hesitation, I signed myself up for PRO107, ‘Introduction to Public Relations.’ Still to this day, I believe that was the best decision I ever made for myself during my studies. After only the first three weeks, I changed my double major to Public Relations and English and Creative Writing, a no-brainer for me after I became completely absorbed by this new concept of ‘public relations.’

Throughout my time at Murdoch, I’ve been encouraged to take on internships, which I’ve been lucky enough to have the ability to do. Internships are integral to creating a ‘real-life’ situation, where you can put the theory into practice. I’ve also had an opportunity to be part of PURE @ Murdoch, a student chapter of public relations students, where we work as a team to organize events and create networking opportunities for our peers and ourselves.

Although today, I’m facing an entirely different problem. After three years of complaining about how long a degree takes, and wanting so desperately to be graduated and have my degree, things have changed. Now, the last thing I want to do is to graduate, in fact, I wish I could stay another year. Graduating is something we all as students push so hard to achieve; yet when it is staring you in the face, it’s something you want to avoid.

The things I’ve learned, the skills I’ve gained, the people I’ve met, the relationships I’ve gained, the future I’ve made for myself is all thanks to my time at university. I have never second-guessed my choice to study, and I know I never will.

The only advice I can give to current and future students is to take your time. Benefit from every opportunity that is offered to you. Take a chance to ensure you make the absolute most of every single thing which is available from your studies, and savor it, make it memorable.

// Luke Duff

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