As you may know, we held our AGM on Monday night. A lot of exciting things happened that night. Firstly, we got to welcome a whole bunch of new students to the committee, which is so amazing. To think we went from a mere three students at the start of 2014, to having more than 20 to kick start 2015 is a major achievement.

On that note, I would like to announce that I resigned my post as President of the PURE Committee at the AGM as well. 2014 was a year full to the brim with amazing opportunities for me and I am incredibly proud of what the whole committee achieved last year… especially this blog. But it’s my third and final year now and after spending all of last year devoting my time to the wider student body, it’s time to be devoted to myself. I want to thank everyone who’s supported me throughout my time as President; I couldn’t have done it without any of you. It wasn’t an easy decision, but I know in the end it’s the right one for me. But alas, I’m not going too far. In fact, I’m just going to be the Vice President instead! I can’t wait to help the new President transition in to their role and support them the very best I can.

Which begs the question.. Who is going to be the President in 2015? Well, I’m so very excited to tell you all that our new Madam President is Lynsey Brady. You might know Lynsey, she has been our Secretary for almost a year now. I’ve had the pleasure of working with Lynsey a lot over the last two and a half years and I can safely say she is going to ROCK. Congratulations on your appointment, Lynsey! I know we all can’t wait to see what the year has in store for us with you leading the charge.

We hope you’ll continue checking in to see what we’re up to in 2015!


/Kayla Webb

Leaders are dealers in hope

As I said in my “About Me” piece, I am a strong believer in leadership of self. I spend a lot of time developing myself as a person, and therefore developing myself as a leader. This morning, I was listening to a podcast by David T. S. Wood (you can listen to it here) about “Amplifying the Leader in You” and I wanted to share with you all some of the gold nuggets.

  1. “Leaders are dealers in hope”. This is a Napoléon Bonaparte quote that I feel surmises leadership perfectly. As a leader, one must learn to be a light in the dark for all of the people who surround them. Understand that even the smallest gift you give someone could change their life. Be positive. Conquer negativity. And for me personally, own your smile.
  2. Leaders get excited about conflict. Every great leader knows that there is something to be learnt in conflict. They know that they will be tested; stretched further than they have before. Your strength is being about to navigate conflict without taking it personally. Leaders know that every mistake is a lesson waiting to be discovered.. which brings me to my next point:
  3. Leaders do not live with guilt and regret. For me, forgiveness is the best way to live a happy life. That’s not to say that practicing it will be easy – but it is important. Don’t just forgive others, forgive yourself as well. A leader knows that every human will make mistakes, so don’t take it personally. Your knowledge is the sum of all the mistakes you’ve ever made.
  4. The leader’s greatest asset is confidence. This comes from John Maxwell’s “21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership”. Read it, love it, use it.
  5. The leader’s greatest handicap is pride and ego. And;
  6. The leader’s greatest mistake is putting self before others. Now, this is important. But, before you can ever love and teach others, you must first learn to love and teach yourself. Never stop being grateful for the people around you, or for yourself. Great leaders are those who know the way, show the way, and go the way.


For me, number seven is the most important…

  1. The leader’s greatest victory is victory over self. No battle is harder fought or more proudly won than the battle over your own self confidence and self-esteem. Make yourself the primary investment in your life. Spend time learning, developing and growing. Don’t listen to the devil who sits on your shoulder; he won’t help you. Think about the people you surround yourself with. It was Jim Rohn who said “you are the average of the five people you spend the most time with”. Don’t be scared to tell people you don’t like their attitude, and don’t be scared to remove negativity from your life. It’s not healthy, and it’s not helpful.
  2. The greatest loss of a leader is hope. Don’t chase dreams, chase goals instead. Dreams don’t exist. Chasing goals takes ambition, effort, and courage; dreaming is what you do in your sleep.

This is just a few of the lessons I’ve learned about leadership today. What have you learned about leadership in your life? What do you think makes a leader? And what do you implement in your day to day life that makes you a great leader? Think about it. I bet there’s something.

Don’t ever forget that there is nothing wrong with being the odd one out. Owning your individuality takes more courage than joining the crowd.


Happy Monday!


RIP Robin Williams

Today the world lost a truly amazing man.

Robin Williams

I find it pertinent at times like these that we focus on the good and not on the bad. It is so sad to think of the gem that the world has lost in Robin Williams, but let’s take the time today to thank the man who gave us so much laughter and happiness, and for most twenty-somethings, our childhood. And not only was the man a comedy genius, he was the centrepiece for some of history’s most incredible films.

I have the fondest memories of watching Dead Poets Society in my year 12 English class, and let’s be honest, who hasn’t faced fear with a defiant “carpe diem!”? And being a young Gen Y-er, I have only recently come to discover and appreciate Good Will Hunting, but it sits proudly at the top of my list of favourite movies. And when one was in search of comedy, they need not look any further than the many, many movies in which Robin Williams starred. My personal favourite has to be the modern spectacular; Happy Feet.

Yes, we’ve lost him, but just look through your DVD collection to see how much of an impact he has made on your life. And this weekend, in true testament to a great man, pull your favourite one off the shelf and share it with your family.

Just to trigger your memory, the Sydney Morning Herald posted clips of Robin’s greatest hits: http://www.smh.com.au/entertainment/movies/robin-williams-greatest-hits-clips-from-his-best-performances-20140812-103203.html

Goodbye mate.

Tell us your favourite Robin Williams memory.

Find balance when you don’t have time – HELP?

Have any of you had a meltdown lately? Like, a full-blown, crying, shaking, hysterical meltdown for absolutely no reason at all? I have. I got home one Friday afternoon, went straight to my bed, buried my head in my pillow and proceeded to break down. When my partner came in asking what was wrong, I actually didn’t know. When I told him this, he laughed “how do you not know why you’re crying?” (obviously impossible for a male to understand). I just felt so completely overwhelmed and devoid of all energy that all I could fathom doing for the foreseeable future was crying.

The truth is, I was exhausted. Just plain exhausted. 16 weeks of uni, 2 jobs, a committee and sporting commitments later, I had absolutely nothing left in the tank. Expecting sympathy, I whimpered about my plight to my partner, only to be told, “you do this to yourself”. Do I? I guess I do.

I wonder how many other uni students, or professionals are out there feeling the same thing from time to time? The thing is, people are always saying that you need to find the balance between working hard and having fun, but I CANNOT imagine happily giving up any of my commitments for ‘relaxation’ time. I suppose that’s the downfall of an overachiever. And let’s be honest, who even knows what ‘relaxing’ is anymore?

Here’s an interesting fact: In the ten years from 1986 to 1996 work-life balance was mentioned in the media 32 times. In 2007 alone it was mentioned 1674 times.

They say that the happiest people are those who don’t have a care in the world. But please, as if they’re not bored. I know I would be. If I’m not challenging myself in some way, my day just seems pointless.

The most frustrating times in my life have been those when I have had nothing to do, no commitments, and nowhere to be. I remember having a similar meltdown after I graduated year 12, petrified of ‘treading water’ (as I call it) for six months before enlisting in the Navy. I. Hate. Doing. Nothing. And more than that, I hate not being in control.

Most of the time I am highly organised. I keep a religious diary – three, in fact (if you don’t count the calendar hanging on my office wall). I have a schedule on my tablet, in my phone, and a hard copy in my bag. But I do have a tendency to allow the lines between my commitments blur. Like right now, for example, I’m writing this blog while I’m sitting at my intern desk. What this means is if at any time I am unsure of what I need to do, I have the answer within reach.

However, I don’t see anywhere in my diary to do things I enjoy to wind down. There’s isn’t any time for sitting in front of the sewing machine, or creating some artwork for our house. But when I have 25 hours worth of things to fit into 24 hour cycles, there really isn’t room. Especially when all I want to do at the end of the day is curl up with my partner on the couch, shut my eyes, and let him tell me all about his day.

Look, I know the solution to my problem is pretty common sense. Prioritise. Blah. Blah. Blah. And I think I do that pretty well. But whilst I am very good at compartmentalising my life physically, I’m not very good at doing it emotionally. And that is something I’m going to have to learn…

…When I have the time. Which I don’t.

Kayla WebbtEREUy1vSfuSu8LzTop3_IMG_2538

Up and Running!

PURE is excited to announce that our WordPress blog is up and running! We are going to be posting exciting content all the time about PR news, personal interests and works, research, and other stories. We hope that you’ll start to look forward to hearing what our students have to say as they begin to demonstrate their Public Relations and writing skills.