The Organised Friend vs. the Disorganised Friend

zoeWe all have that one friend that’s over the top organised and always planning their lives out, right? I’m that friend. Yes I own a diary like most students and a calendar as well (again like most students) so how am I over the top organised you ask?

Well I also have a to do book for general every day tasks and then I have another to do book for university tasks specifically assignments, because then I have ANOTHER to do book and a notebook solely for PURE committee tasks. It doesn’t stop there… on top of my monthly calendar I have a separate assignment calendar, I use separate notebooks for different internships I’ve done, I have a reminder notebook and am setting constant alarms on my phone because that still isn’t enough for my goldfish-like memory.

So I think you get the idea yeah? Some people like to refer to this as slight obsessive compulsive disorder but I’ve coined a new phrase I like to call the plannerholic.

Now I can guarantee almost all of us have a friend that is the complete opposite to this. We’ll call this friend the ‘disorganised, plans-scare-me’ kind of friend. I know this friend all too well as I’ve come across a few throughout my degree and one who has stuck close by.

So let me share with you a few differences between the plannerholic and the disorganised, plans-scare-me kind of friends.

  1. Diary usage

Plannerholic friend

Their diary is their best friend and whole life. Seriously though this diary has every detail, plan, event, down to simple reminders that Thursday night is tan night in it. The plannerholic doesn’t understand how someone can live a life without a diary.

Disorganised friend

This person may or may not have a diary. For those who don’t have one their philosophy is – but why would I need a diary? Those who do own one use it for social event reminders and maybe assignments.

  1. Assignments

Plannerholic friend

Likes to get started on an upcoming assignment two weeks early of the due date. Plans out every study session with tasks to complete in each: background research, creating a good thesis, start drafting etc. Submits all assignments at least a day early.

Disorganised friend

Week one is spent chanting their ‘new semester, fresh start’ mantras and claiming they will no longer fall victim to completing assignments the night before. Assignment one comes around and they think eh I’ve still got two weeks.

… 12 hours before the assignment deadline, yeah I bet you can guess what they’re doing all night.

  1. Social Events

Plannerholic friend

This gets quite over the top sometimes I must admit BUT never-the-less the plannerholic must plan. The event is in the diary, calendar and reminder book a month before-hand. This is also when they start planning the outfit… plenty of online research of course.

A day out of the event and they have the whole schedule planned: makeup at this time, start drinking at around that time, meet with friends at this time and so on.

Disorganised friend

An exception to their ‘plans-scare-me’ ideologies, social events are actually planned. “Right I will have my hair done by this time and then the organised friend will pick me up around that time.” But of course plans aren’t their forte and so an hour out of the party starting and yes they are still at the hair salon… at least they were only 2 hours late to the party though right?

  1. Classes

Plannerholic friend

Even though university classes become routine at about week three, the plannerholic still has every detail for every class written out in their diary for the whole 14 weeks of semester. They know exactly what time they need to leave the house to get to class on time.

Disorganised friend

No matter how close or far this friend may live from university… even if they live an hour closer than some (me) they will somehow manage to be late to those early morning lectures. And so for them classes also become a routine but this routine includes opening the creaky door to a quiet lecture theatre 10 minutes after it started, panting after running across bush court.

Or sometimes they simply send a snapchat of themselves from bed with the caption ‘woops slept through my alarm’ and you know they won’t be attending.

So there you have it guys, some of the differences between the organised and the disorganised friend.

Similarities you ask? Well opposites do attract and I did state that they were friends after all. No matter the differences the two do make a perfect match at keeping each other level headed during the madness of university.

By Zoe Keenan

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