Many of us have sat in stunned silence having watched this video. Now it’s your turn to do the same. We wholeheartedly salute Ms Emma Watson for her incredible speech at the UN. We are so privileged, as young adults and females (sorry Stephen!), to be able to study a tertiary education and this speech has only galvanised in us our duty at human beings to promote equality for all.

“If not me, then who. If not now, when?”

Visit http://www.heforshe.org/ to find out more about the campaign.

5 things I’ve learnt about networking at PRALC

A fabulous venue, a cocktail on arrival followed by a delicious meal, add some invaluable networking opportunities and you have what we at PURE at Murdoch University like to call PR a la carte. Our committee members Renae, Nicola and Jenny did an amazing job organising the event, with it turning out a roaring success. The positive feedback we have received from the professionals and students that attended has been humbling and I believe a sign of many good things to come.

Both the professionals and students that attended the evening seized the opportunity to doll themselves up and forget about whatever ailed them that particular week; whether it be pesky assignments, stressful deadlines or that horrible weather we had recently been experiencing.

This being my third PR a la carte, I have to say, hand on heart that this was one of the most enjoyable yet! The people you meet are always so approachable and more than happy for you to pick their brains (this goes for both students and professionals!). Although I am far from a networking expert, there are a few things I have managed to pick up over the past few events I have attended, and I would like to share some of them with you now;

1.Don’t be shy! Everyone is there for the exact same reasons. To meet, to mingle and to make a memorable impression! The lovely Jacqueline King-Small made a very good point, we are all story tellers, and as PR practitioners it is in our nature to create meaningful dialogue. So get in there, introduce yourself, and let the magic happen.

2.Embrace the cliché and ask questions! Work, pets, children, music, even Game of Thrones, speak about anything that will help you initiate dialogue and establish a common interest. As far as I am concerned anything goes (within reason of course), as the wildly funny Karl Hale pointed out; we aren’t ‘boring policy makers. We are ‘communication experts’. So get communicating!

3.Everyone was once a novice. Whether they are a Fellow of PRIA or a recent graduate. Every single practitioner you meet will have had to start somewhere! Which means each and every one of us has our own experiences, and stories to tell. So do not be intimidated or feel your experiences (or lack there of) are irrelevant because everyone’s journey is different whether you are a student or a professional and sometimes it’s refreshing to get a different perspective on things.

4.There is no shame in seeking opportunities from networking. Karl Hale and I had a very interesting discussion on the current international climate and how I could use this to my advantage in seeking work experience opportunities that would compliment my future career goals. That’s why PURE put on these events after all, to encourage students to interact with professionals and allow you to pursue industry connections. With a bit of luck and some hard work on your part, you may land yourself an internship or a graduate opportunity. Which brings me to my last point;

5.Networking IS your BEST FRIEND. If there is one thing I learnt very quickly from the handful of networking events I have attended, everyone knows everyone in Perth PR. It’s more of a family than an industry, which I think speaks volumes for the profession. It’s refreshing to meet professionals and then be remembered again at another event months down the track. People aren’t going to approach that person that sits in the corner and doesn’t speak to anyone, this isn’t primary school you need to get in amongst the action. It’s called networking for a reason after all!

Seize every chance you get to mingle, ask the cliché questions, share your experiences, seek opportunities and know this is far from a waste of time!! Who knows what amazing things may come from simply introducing yourself to the right person at the right time!


IMG_2369 IMG_2372 IMG_2371

Have a read of some of the fantastic feedback PURE has received from those that attended PR a la carte;

Karl Hale was the professional that stuck out most to me during the night. Not only was he extremely knowledgeable about his area of work and provided everyone on the night with some great advice, but carried an incredible sense of humour that provided us with some out of the ordinary advice as well.
He seemed to want to meet everyone and remember them by their first name. Once he sat at our table he remembered me, what I was studying and what direction I was hoping to take with my career and gave me some great advice on how I could do this!! An amazing professional, with amazing credentials’.

– Renae Cummins, Murdoch PR Student

‘All of the students I have spoke to that attended PRALC said the professionals were really easy to talk to, and had some great advice to offer.’

– Zoe Keenan, Murdoch PR Student

‘Beth Bolt for me is such an inspiration, because I could very well be in her position this time next year. It’s really nice to have someone who has really only just graduated and yet has all this experience under her belt already, she is living proof that hard work and determination can get you where you want to go.’

– Nicola O’Callaghan, Murdoch PR Student

 If PRALC Semester 2, 2014 is anything to go by this event will only continue to get bigger and better in the coming months so watch this space for PRALC 2015!! We’d love to see you there.

/Lynsey Brady

Leaders are dealers in hope

As I said in my “About Me” piece, I am a strong believer in leadership of self. I spend a lot of time developing myself as a person, and therefore developing myself as a leader. This morning, I was listening to a podcast by David T. S. Wood (you can listen to it here) about “Amplifying the Leader in You” and I wanted to share with you all some of the gold nuggets.

  1. “Leaders are dealers in hope”. This is a Napoléon Bonaparte quote that I feel surmises leadership perfectly. As a leader, one must learn to be a light in the dark for all of the people who surround them. Understand that even the smallest gift you give someone could change their life. Be positive. Conquer negativity. And for me personally, own your smile.
  2. Leaders get excited about conflict. Every great leader knows that there is something to be learnt in conflict. They know that they will be tested; stretched further than they have before. Your strength is being about to navigate conflict without taking it personally. Leaders know that every mistake is a lesson waiting to be discovered.. which brings me to my next point:
  3. Leaders do not live with guilt and regret. For me, forgiveness is the best way to live a happy life. That’s not to say that practicing it will be easy – but it is important. Don’t just forgive others, forgive yourself as well. A leader knows that every human will make mistakes, so don’t take it personally. Your knowledge is the sum of all the mistakes you’ve ever made.
  4. The leader’s greatest asset is confidence. This comes from John Maxwell’s “21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership”. Read it, love it, use it.
  5. The leader’s greatest handicap is pride and ego. And;
  6. The leader’s greatest mistake is putting self before others. Now, this is important. But, before you can ever love and teach others, you must first learn to love and teach yourself. Never stop being grateful for the people around you, or for yourself. Great leaders are those who know the way, show the way, and go the way.


For me, number seven is the most important…

  1. The leader’s greatest victory is victory over self. No battle is harder fought or more proudly won than the battle over your own self confidence and self-esteem. Make yourself the primary investment in your life. Spend time learning, developing and growing. Don’t listen to the devil who sits on your shoulder; he won’t help you. Think about the people you surround yourself with. It was Jim Rohn who said “you are the average of the five people you spend the most time with”. Don’t be scared to tell people you don’t like their attitude, and don’t be scared to remove negativity from your life. It’s not healthy, and it’s not helpful.
  2. The greatest loss of a leader is hope. Don’t chase dreams, chase goals instead. Dreams don’t exist. Chasing goals takes ambition, effort, and courage; dreaming is what you do in your sleep.

This is just a few of the lessons I’ve learned about leadership today. What have you learned about leadership in your life? What do you think makes a leader? And what do you implement in your day to day life that makes you a great leader? Think about it. I bet there’s something.

Don’t ever forget that there is nothing wrong with being the odd one out. Owning your individuality takes more courage than joining the crowd.


Happy Monday!


PR a la Carte


The PURE committee is incredible exited that it is, once again, time for our most appreciated event of the year – PR a la Carte! It will be held next Friday (September the 12th), 6.30 at Soho Bar And Bistro in Fremantle and we have managed  to lure some amazing PR professionals to come with us on the night. It is a really relaxed evening where we mingle, and dine together with the professionals, where you as a PR student get the chance to get to know them – and the industry – a lot better. It is an absolute blast so we would love you all to come an join us next Friday!
(RSVP to our email pureatmurdoch@gmail.com by next Wednesday – however there are limited spots so hurry up!)

A short introduction of the amazing Public Relations Professionals whom we will have the privilege to meet next week:

Karl Hale:


Karl Hale is the State Councillor at the Public Relations Institute of Australia (PRIA) and he has over 10 years experience in PR, corporate affairs and issues management. He is currently working as the Corporate Communications Manager at Perth Central & East Metro Medicare Local. Karl Hale graduated from Curtin University and is sure to have some amazing advice for us, PURE is thrilled that Karl will join our PR a la Carte this semester!

Beth Bolt:


Beth Bolt is a graduate of Curtin University, with a Commerce degree majoring in Public Relations and Management. She now works for Clarity Communications and has previously undertaken projects within Perth organisations including PICA, Times Square Claremont and Clarity. Beth has worked with several online campaigns including the 2014 WA Day campaign and a local Government reform project. Beth is a great contact in the Perth PR industry and PURE can’t wait to have her coming next Friday!

Andrew Mathwin:

andrew mathwin clarity digital strategist

Andrew Mathwin works at Clarity Communications as the Strategy Team Leader. He works with clients to develop strategic campaigns across social media, advertising, digital marketing, mobile, and PR. He also provides strategic advice to build brands through a range of digital and social media activities at an operational level, and he undertake a wide range of business activities from recruitment to crisis communications. Andrew has more than 12 years of national and international experience. PURE is very excited to have Andrew coming to PR a la Carte next week!

Jacqueline King-Small: 







Jacqueline King-Small is the Director of her own consultancy Juice PR and she works with a variety of clients providing a fresh approach to branding and PR management. Jacqueline also enjoys delivering amazing events and has managed many, including the WA Training Awards, Career Choices Expo, Butterfly Ball for Down Syndrome and most recently, the T2 domestic terminal launch. PURE can’t wait to have her with us for PR a la Carte this semester!





Aditya Bajekal and Sameera Afzaal of D Y N A M I Q U E . B L O G

Photo from PR in Fashion by Ryan Ammon Photography

Bonjour! Buongiorno! Hola! Salam! All that good stuff

Here’s hoping all the rad PURE followers are springing into September because you know its spring. YEAY!?! Time to get them floral tops and capri pants out

We aren’t that funny but we hoped that made you smile.

We cannot express enough how honored we are to be putting together this piece together for y’all and we hope you enjoy.

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Funny little title aye?!? Almost a pun

Recently we attended the Curtin Public Relations Student Chapters annual event PR in Fashion.

An outstanding evening that showcased runways from upcoming and established local designers as well as inspiring speeches from designers, industry professionals and bloggers of their experience in the industry. Here is the BLOG POST from Renae Cummins of the PURE committee on PR in Fashion.

D Y N A M I Q U E . B L O G has provided us with several and incredible opportunities to be a part of such events and shows. While giving us a spectacular insight into the industry and its workings, it has also pushed us to adapt very quickly to circumstances that no university education could have prepared us for.

We are talking | RSVP | dress code | etiquette | trending |

See we are students just like you and sometimes these awesome events may become the straw that break your calendar’s back.

However these events no matter how detrimental to our assignment schedule are severely important to what lies ahead of the books. These events allow us to grow further in a way of presenting our resume in a very interpersonal manner while establishing networks for the future thus the workings of networking.

So here are three ways how we do and how you can do too:-

  1. #Getready, #stressfree before the event without a #ootn meltdown

The Super Advance RSVP #getready #stressfree

So you see an event pop up on your facey, it looks kool and all. What do you do? Check that iPhone calendar ASAP and if you got nothing on and think you can make the time then schedule it in. Spend the next couple of days (approx. 2) roping your friends in and book the tickets ASAP. How does this help you? Now you know that you will be at an event so get all other aspects of your life organised and #getready for an awesome and #stressfree time (because nobody like to think about last minute assignments when you out with your friends posing at media walls and eating macaroons).

Wardrobe Malfunction/Meltdown #ootn

We will sound like your lecturer/tutor when we say don’leave outfit options for an event to the night before. Now this part is probably one of the good ones. Why? Because you get to shop. Leave yourself a couple of hours the weekend before the event to pick out the #ootn for the night. You get to see what you gotta put in the laundry and if there are little things you may be able to shop for to add a little flava-flav to your outfit.

Gentlemen, Adi’s tips for all the grooming:-

  • Style you hair, invest in a good hair product that lets you easily style your hair and get it looking decent
  • Always carry a camera, it makes you look rad and look like you know your shiz. Haha Adi’s little accessory, it is part of his role for the blog but you can always personalize this for something that demonstrates your personality.

Ladies, Sameera’s little tip for the makeup side of the spectrum:-

  • Wear a bare face during the day to uni with just moisturiser, this saves you time later because no reapplication/ cleaning needed as it gives you a clean palette to begin with.
  • Keep the make-up clean, stick to what you know for your features

And wear a nice perfume on the night, it not only serves as a good air cleansing enhancer but can quite often be a conversation starter with potential future working networks.

Smart casual is usually the go, we have invested in some key pieces which are easier to rotate around on a student budget | May be we will do an article on this later on 😉


Whatever event you may be attending keeping calm and staying humble is key. Remember at every point that you aren’t inferior or superior to anyone. Others may think so (it’s sad but this exists) but you humbling yourself shows you off in great light.

We can say with the MOST CERTAINTY that DEFINITELY make it your agenda to speak to some of the industry professionals present. This is quite a daunting task (we know all too well) so we suggest easing into it through the night. Get some canapés in your belly and sit through some of the presentations. You are bound to click with something that one of the speakers is saying and that will be your pointer or rather your conversation starter. Take a friend along with you and you will be giving yourself a huge hug when you have conquered talking to someone who inspires you. Trust us when we say that this does get easier with time and as you attend more events the crowds become familiar and easier to interact through and with.

So keep calm, stay humble and remember to make a good impression because you may just stumble on a great opportunity unexpectedly.

  1. Get trending #hashtagit

If you have a phone and any kind of social media then you should no problem and/or excuse to get trending on the events social media hashtag.

Now if you are really into it you can keep in tune with the event page to know what the hashtag of the event is. Quite often it will be in the info and if not then someone like Sameera is bound to ask. Also it is most likely going to be publicized on the night so you better have those phones charged.

Get all over the trend and media wall, why? Because this is how peeps will find you. During and after the event people often look through the tagged photos with the trending photos and this is how we find people we may have talked to on the night and want to continue communication with for future projects or just make good friends.

It is basically free publicity for you so use it without shame but with limits (don’t want to put something out that you can’t get back, remember it’s SOCIAL MEDIA)

Check us out trending #prinfashion2014


Cheeky runway #selfie


At the ASOS media wall

Ok only about 1300 words later we are going to let you go.

We hope you have relished over our little wisdom.

We are no professionals but we are disclosing our experiences with you.

If you would like to see more from us on the PURE blog please comment down below with what you think. Share and like and do all that good stuff.

We are currently expanding to doing monthly editorials on | ARTIST ENCOUNTERS | MENSWEAR | FOODIE ADVENTURES | If you know of any peeps with talent who would like to appear on our blog please send them to our social media or website. Also send us some of your SHOE CHRONICLES to be featured on our Instagram.

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Thank you for having us


Sameera & Adi