Finding the Balance


As we enter the first study break of Semester 2, 2016, so many of us are crumbling under the heavy weight of our assignment pile, and our to-do list is just getting longer and longer.

It is times like these I always tell myself that even though I have responsibilities to complete and daily goals to smash, a healthy mix of work and play is just a downright necessity.

I am a huge advocate of doing what you love and flourishing in the goodness that stems from your personal happiness. This happiness will fuel your brain and as a result, you’ll find the determination to complete that 3000-word research proposal, 2000-word essay or that pesky 10-point plan.

We have all been here. Sitting at a messy desk, drinking a less than impressive homemade coffee and countless papers sprawled all over the place. The motivation to reach that word count doesn’t exist, and you spend more time watching cat videos on YouTube than trying to explain what Stakeholders are in an essay format.

These are the moments you are allowed to step away from the computer and enjoy your study break.

I’m not saying to ditch your responsibilities entirely, but I’m sure those cat videos are not as creatively inspiring as being out in the fresh air and celebrating life with a loved one for at least an hour.

We all strive for success – but trust me when I say someone that has completed an assignment with clarity and inspiration will either match the grade of someone who was flustered, rushed and unmotivated or completely blitz it entirely.

Success is gained through hard work, but how can you justify success when you were miserable attaining it?

University is rigorous, and we all face the stress and the pressure to succeed, but at the end of the day, how we deal with that stress is completely up to us.

Go live, procrastinate creatively and happy study BREAK!

By Abbie Major 

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