The Last Minute Assignment

I can honestly say it, I was a star student in high school. My assignments were always completed early, revised and perfected. But fast-forward three years as I near the end of my undergraduate degree and boy can I tell you times have changed. Whether it’s to do with the million extra curricular activities I volunteer for or the 15 years of consecutive education coming to an end, my enthusiasm of assignments has somewhat dwindled. With the new semester in full swing, I write this hoping I will not fall victim to it in my final semester, but somehow I know I’ll be completing at least one last minute assignment.

In my experience here are the stages of completing a last minute assignment.

  1. Optimism

More than 24 hours before this is due, plenty of time. I mean I totally could have started this earlier but I know I can get it done by then. Plus the last time I did this I actually got a pretty decent mark. At this stage I always think about the word count. 3000 words, okay, break it down, that’s three times 1000, doable. My family always say I can speak about 100 words per second so this should be breeze.

  1. Confusion

Okay so I’ve got every possible pen and highlighter at my disposal, still feeling optimistic. About 23.5 hours until it’s due, so time to get started if I have any hope of getting some sleep tonight.

  1. Panic

Okay it’s approaching 10pm and I have like 600 words. Not ideal. Probably time to put away my iphone so I stop snap chatting people my minimal word count with the time across it. Sleep is looking less and less likely tonight.

  1. Back on track

I guess a little panic never hurts anyone, because I’ve finally hit the 1000 word mark. Not too shabby.

  1. Crisis/ self hatred

I think these two sit pretty close together after my moment of accomplishment soon disappears as I realise I rewarded myself with an hour break. So it’s after midnight and I’m not even half way through…. ha ha shiiiiiitt.

I proceed to throw an adult tantrum, questioning why I sat on my phone for so long Instagram stalking complete randoms!!!!! It’s also the time when I promise never to do this to myself ever again.

  1. Self pity

Following the break down I wallow in some self-pity telling myself it’s really not my fault I’m like this, kudos to my dad for the short attention span. Honestly I’ll never do this to myself again. “If I pass I promise I’ll make sure to be more organised” or “if I fail I know I deserve it”

  1. Unlock super student

It’s fast approaching 1am and my eyes are droopy. Somehow I’m still typing away, even though I’m not too sure whether it’s in English or not. And the next time I’m brave enough to check the word count I have miraculously smashed out another 1000 words (cue cheer squad).

  1. Determination

Chuck in a number of references and one hell of a conclusion and blind me, I did it. And it’s only 3 am.

  1. Satisfaction

As a wise woman (Beyonce) once said, “Bow down Bi**hes”.


So much for the assignment “you can not do the night before.”

  1. Relief/ panic

Hitting that submit button and feeling air flow through your lungs again. Before you have a slight panic attack hoping you actually answered the assignment question.

Off to bed for some well deserved shut-eye (even if it’s only 4 hours before your tute 😐 )


FYI I may or may not have written this at the very last minute…….

Renee Ciesla 

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