The PURE Social Media Skills Workshop!

The PURE @ Murdoch Skills Workshop!

As students and aspiring practitioners, we deal with information day in and day out about what our job will entail, what kind of tasks we will face and how to be the most effective communicators we can be.

The ever-changing sphere of Public Relations means we have to be on our toes at all times when preparing to launch our careers. So the importance of honing our skills in the digital world is critical!

Lucky for things like that, we have the Social Media skills workshop coming up this Wednesday!

The workshop will be taking place at the Graduate suite at 4:30 PM on Wednesday the 25th of May.

The PURE @ Murdoch team will be working alongside established digital media specialist Demelza Leonard to bring to you the skills you need to break into the world of PR and digital media.

Demelza will be looking at the importance of conveying personal brands through social media channels such as Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat.

Another skill we will be learning is evaluating how people use social media profiles to portray themselves individually and on an expert level, which is incredibly important to anyone who is preparing to apply for jobs and wants to know how to set up their profiles right!

Demelza will also be reviewing the way that social media works, including analysing algorithms which can change the way we use our social media.
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Event Link:

Hope to meet you all later this week!




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