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Hello and welcome to each and everyone one of Murdoch’s new PR students and to oldies, welcome back!! With a new year and new semester already in full swing it is time for PURE’s Annual General Meeting. For those who are unfamiliar with the process of an AGM fear not, as I am here to inform and hope persuade you into attending.

As part of the PURE committee we hold fortnightly meetings to organize, communicate and touch base with each other in regards to all the wonderful things we plan throughout the semester. The AGM is slightly different however, as we not only look forward to the things to come, but also reflect on what we have achieved during the previous year. This meeting is also very important as it provides students with the opportunity to join our fabulous committee.

Last year several committee members graduated and we are certainly hoping to fill the void at the coming meeting. We don’t expect you to volunteer for president (or secretary as I did last year), however becoming a committee member is thoroughly enjoyable and I can vouch for that. As a first year we can understand how daunting it can be, but is was through the PURE committee that I’ve made some great friends and learnt so much about the PR world outside of classes!

So please, even if you’re not on campus, make the effort to attend. You wont know if you like it until you try it! And I promise we don’t bite! 🙂


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