The PURE Presidency 2015/2016

Lynsey Brady:


And just like that, we blinked and summer is over!!

Who else was in complete denial for weeks and weeks, telling yourself the long days and warm nights were going to last forever?! Well I can say I am 100% guilty of all of the above!
But it’s not all doom and gloom, as some real smarty pants said – “when one door closes, another door opens”. For some of you this coming semester will be your first at University (W E L C O M E !). For others it will be your very last year or semester, which is equally exciting!! Or you may be like me and decided to tackle the big bad working world while you’re wrapping up your last few units.

Either way, I’m sure I speak for all the PURE committee when I say we are SO excited to have you on board. Whether you’re keen to be a member or whether you just want to have an avenue to meet your fellow PR and Comms superstars! You couldn’t have picked a better bunch. Once you meet this lot, there is no going back!!

Which is why it gives me such pleasure in introducing The PURE committee President for 2016… Miss Zoe Keenan.

Zoe is such a beautiful, passionate, creative soul and I can’t wait to see her take the committee and blow it out of the water. Yes, this does mean I will be stepping down as President. But never fear!! Cause as far as I’m concerned the only way is up.

The committee will be playing host to a number of amazing events over the year so keep your eyes and ears peeled on both our social media accounts and around campus. You won’t regret attending. Worst case scenario is you will walk away from the event with a bunch of networking experience and maybe even some new friends (both of which
are invaluable in the PR Industry, need I remind you?)

Before I wrap up I would just like to send out a huge thank you to every single person that has supported me in my role as president of PURE. It was an amazing, fun, eye opening, sometimes trying, experience that I gained invaluable memories, growth and friendships
from. I look forward to seeing the committee grow and develop alongside and all the absolutely awe-inspiring members of the committee. I can’t wait to see how you all evolve your own unique and beautiful communications personas and I don’t doubt you’ll all be
leaving your mark on the world in one way or another.

Thanks for having me PURE-ians!! And all the best in your studies for
2016 and onwards xXx


Zoe Keenan:


Not a fan of using clichés but it’s the truth so unfortunately here goes… ‘It feels like just yesterday’ that shy, timid, little Zoe straight out of high school found her way to the Murdoch Tavern to attend her first ever PURE committee AGM.

I can relive that moment two years ago as if it was last week. My palms were sweating and cheeks glowing pink as I walked over to introduce myself to a group of students who were much wiser and much more experienced than me.

It was nerve racking being a first year student who was yet to understand what public relations actually was and being surrounded by ‘the big kids’ who had been at it for a couple of years now. I feel so young thinking of that afternoon then comparing it to myself now and how far I’ve come and grown throughout my university career.

I’ve now been a member of the PURE committee for 2 years acting as committee liaison during my second year. Having come so far and learnt so much from ‘the big kids’ who are now my fellow students and friends I have been given the opportunity to take up role as the President of the PURE committee for 2016.

It came as a shock to me when the President herself Ms Lynsey Brady spoke to me last year about potentially taking her position. It’s a great feeling having people that believe in your abilities enough to fill their boots… unfortunately for me those are some large boots to fill (thanks Lynsey and Kayla).

But rest assured I am honoured and excited as hell to be stepping up as President in what is to be an amazing and eventful final year of my university career.

A bit about me…

For those of you who don’t know me… Hi my names Zoe, as you may have gathered already. I am an avid lover of cats and have no shame in the fact. I am turning 20 this year (because I don’t like sharing the fact that yes I am indeed only 19) I am studying a bachelor of arts majoring in both journalism and public relations and having spent my whole uni career not knowing what the hell I want to do when I finish, I can now say as a third year that I think I’ve maybe, sort of figured it out.

As the PR industry is so broad it’s hard to pin point exactly what you want to do. I figured that doing what I love and what I am passionate about would be pretty great.

Music and entertainment, health, sustainability, travel, and food… lots of food are some of the things I am passionate about and have high hopes of one day working in one or more of these industries throughout my career.

Anyway back to PURE and what is to come for 2016…

As a committee we have grown together and learnt together and after just one week back at uni this semester I can say there’s already so much on the tables for us in 2016.

We are getting straight onto planning the details of our favourite event PR a la carte next week. We have watched this event grow over the years and hope to see it bigger and better than ever this semester, so keep an eye out for news on this one.

We are also going to see the return of Skills Day due to its success last year as a first time event. With a bigger venue this semester we invite students far and wide to save the date.

Ideas have been thrown around and it’s looking like a new event is on the horizon for us this semester! Oh what a time to be a PR student at Murdoch hey.

Okay I’m nearly done…

This probably should have been said at the start but I like to do things differently. A large welcome back to our fellow PR and comms students and hello to the first year students joining us this year, we hope you love and enjoy life as a Murdoch PR student as much as we have!

Keep an eye out for event details by following PURE on Facebook, search “PURE at Murdoch University” Also follow us on Instagram @pureatmurdoch for all things student life and more.

Okay I’m done!


Your new President.

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