5 Things we all end up doing for Father’s Day

Do you remember last year around late August and early September? The weekend before father’s day? You completely forgot it was coming up – because how is it September all ready, right? You had to quickly plan something and think of the perfect gift for him within days. He of course still showed complete gratitude for the efforts you scrambled together; but wouldn’t it be nice to accept its September already and really show your thanks and love for that special man who’s always been there for you? It would be nice, but c’mon, we’re all going to procrastinate just like last year. I, as a veteran of this dilemma, have come up with ‘5 Things We All End Up Doing for Father’s Day’.

  1. Knowing for weeks that Father’s Day is coming up but never actually knowing when until the day before when your mum reminds you. It’s not like Mother’s Day where if you have forgotten you can just duck down to your nearest Coles or Woolies, pick up some flowers, maybe some chocolate, (yes, I have done this) and you’re set. No, no Father’s Day is different. He (probably) wouldn’t accept flowers and chocolate as a present. And now you’re stuck in a pit of self-pity, disappointment, and regret that you weren’t more organised.
  2. Waking up on Father’s Day and cooking him breakfast in bed, with a card you picked up the day before and just wrote on it 2 minutes ago so the ink is still a little wet. The key with this simple classic is to always knock on the bedroom door and wait for permission to enter, if you have never thought of this as a must then you are a very very lucky person.
  3. Always buying him AFL merchandise year after year because you’re too lazy to think of something original. This is something I am also guilty of doing. Hey, I know my dad barracks for the Eagles so to hell with it – am I lazy? Yes. Do I want to get him something different this year? Yes, but I am lazy. So another Eagles coffee mug it is this year.
  4. Similar to point #3 I know my dad is a huge fan of motocross so if I can I try to incorporate that in a present. If I can. Usually I can’t. Usually it’s just an Eagle’s scarf or coffee mug with the dying thought that one day, one day, I will give him something that serves his other interests. But it’s the thought that counts, right?
  5. Getting him something alcohol related. Being an Australian, this is a safe, appropriate, and often requested gift. A good bottle of his favourite alcoholic beverage and you might be his favourite child this year. It doesn’t necessarily have to be a bottle of alcohol, it can be something for his bar, a drinking game, or a drinking cup… that you’ll probably steal for your own purposes.

I can go on but the main thing about Father’s Day is showing your thanks to your dad, whether that be a well-planned day or something you just came up with the day before. Whatever you end up doing or getting for your dad he will appreciate anyway. Just remember to take some time to say ‘I love you’ and appreciate him.


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