I know, I know its Monday morning so cryptic titles like the above need a little more context and a lot more coffee to deal with.So I am going to make this easy on all of us.

PURE at Murdoch has been running an Instagram account for the past semester @pureatmurdoch and if y’all aren’t following it already then you better get onto it.

This semester our Instagram game is about to get EPIC because this semester you will be getting the real insight into #prstudentlife like never before.

Now you may be thinking don’t the students already run the Instagram.

Why, yes, you are right there.

But let’s take a moment and focus on the words “TAKE OVER”

Now what comes to mind, Corporate take overs, pizza take over, INSTAGRAM TAKE OVER??

If you guessed the last one then you are right on the money and we don’t have a prize for you but the next paragraph might be a bonus.

As typical #prstudents we did a little research and “Instagram take overs” are fast becoming a popular trend in the digital sphere as it allows brands to personify their products through digital influencers.

So we thought  what a great idea and as typical #prstudents we decided to seize the day or rather seize the opportunity and develop what we aim to do with the PURE blog which is to showcase our fellow #prstudents and carry that through to our Instagram.

Every week a different #prstudent from the PURE committee will take over @pureatmurdoch for one week and will take you behind the scenes of their #prstudentlife.

They will bring you their vision of #studentlife , it will be their filters, their flatlays and their overly highlighted text books (because we all do that last one)

So link up to @pureatmurdoch #pureatmurdoch #prstudentlife

This week Sameera will be taking over.


 Sameera is in her second year of her Public Relations and Marketing degree. She has started taking some web communication units this semester which is getting her inner digital geek excited. She has endless love for popcorn, profiteroles and good brew (coffee). Between uni, her job and her blog (www.dynamiqueblog.com) she has become a complete social media junkie. Her favourite platforms are Instagram and Snapchat. She even has subscription to L2 News (#solegit). You’ll be with her this week and see her through computer labs, dress fittings, desk life, coffee dates and a production day for her blog.

So stay tuned, it all begins @pureatmurdoch.

One thought on “LET’S TALK TAKE OVERS

  1. Hi Sameera, I can’t wait to follow your Instagram takeover – It’s great to see PURE doing a fabulous job connecting all the PR students. Cheers (in coffee)!

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