Welcome semester 2

Wow! Can anybody tell me where this year has gone? I don’t even know where the past month has gone, never mind the other 6!

But! I’m sure there is plenty of you who are reading this wondering what the next 14 weeks has in store for you… you’ll be glad to hear that you’re not alone! Whether you’re a fresh faced first year or a seasoned Murdoch 3rd year, either way I can guarantee you there is going to be plenty of highs, lows, laughter, tears, exhaustion and excitement!

All of which is going to be worth it at the end of the day might I add…

So very briefly I just wanted to take this opportunity to welcome you all back for 2015 round 2 at Murdoch! And most of all I want to get you all really excited about the event-filled semester PURE has in store for you all!!

PURE will be hosting our usual Coffee Catch-up and we encourage all you fabulous comms students to come on down to the Tav on the 13th of August and enjoy some goodies, a nice warm cuppa and some good company. This is a great opportunity to not only meet the PURE committee (we don’t bite..honest!) but to also get to know your fellow cohort (fun fact: getting to know them sooner rather than later means group assignments get a whole lot better!).

We will also be introducing a new professional skills initiative this semester that will incorporate a variety of professionals and career experts offering up great tips and advice on how to brand yourself and craft your business skills to make yourself a lot more desirable to employers when it comes to entering the big bad workforce! Stay tuned for more info on this it’s shaping up to be a really great interactive event!

Finally our most popular event of the semester PR a la carte will be kicked off once again on the 30th of October. Jam-packed with new faces, new experiences and new networking opportunities! So watch this space.

The whole committee is really looking forward to meeting all you new-comers as well as seeing some familiar faces over the next few weeks. So just relax and enjoy the ride (it doesn’t last forever!)

Finally I want to leave you with a little food for thought, it will come in especially handy when things might get a little bit too much or your work load might seem so overwhelming (believe me when I say it’s never as bad as you think it is). So! repeat after me…

Take pride in how far you have come, and have faith in how far you can go!

And in the wise words of our incredible committee member Sameera… Keep on HUSTLING!


Wishing you all a successful and fun-filled semester and we hope to see you all at the coffee catch up!

/Lynsey Brady 

President of PURE

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