Two new internship opportunities have come up and we are excited to share them with our amazing PR students! Please have a read through and if you are interested – flick an email to the contact person for more information (or send them your resume and some information about why you are interested).

INTERNSHIP OPPORTUNITY 1: Course Content Review – Development and Communications Office

Project Details: Intensive Project: Review of Course Marketing Content on Murdoch University Website;

This projects will entail the review, recommendation and creation/update of new course marketing copy housed on the Murdoch University website, targeting prospective students.

Ideally the content updates will also be considered in the context of other, related marketing materials and these will be identified for updates accordingly.

Working and consulting with university stakeholders across schools and professional services areas will be a core part of the task.

Some of the tasks include but are not limited to;

– Review and familiarisation of/with existing material

– Assessment of content status

– Prioritisation of content for revision

– Consulting with stakeholders as to key marketing messages

– Production of new/revised content

– Marketing Strategy

– Content marketing, creative content production


The applicant will have the following skills; 

– Knowledge of marketing principles including identification of uniques selling propositions

– Ability to research competitive positions in the market and leverage identified strenghts

– Strong written communication skills

– Effective Presentation skills

– Highly organised

– Excellent interpersonal skills

This internship opportunity will commence Semester 2 (preferred earlier) and require the commitment of 20 hours week until the project has finished (as soon as possible). This is an opportunity for one or two students.

Contact Person:

Jean Wootton

Unit Co-Ordinator – Work Integrated Learning

School of Management and Governance


INTERNSHIP OPPORTUNITY 2: Urban Activation Strategy – Student Review ; Property, Development and Commercial Services Office

The Property, Development & Commercial Services Office (PDCSO) is responsible for planning for the infrastructure, spatial and environmental needs of Murdoch University and its community. They are now looking for one or two students (preferably one undergraduate and one post graduate) who has knowledge in any of the following areas;

Sustainable Development, Public Relations; Tourism & Events, Business, urban planning, project management.

With the following skills;

Excellent written and oral communications skills
Enrolled on-campus
Knowledge of urban and/or community design principles

Information about the project:

The University is currently preparing an Urban Activation Strategy to complement its proposed South Street Campus Master Plan and major projects planned for Bush Court. A key component of the Urban Activation Strategy is to;

Deliver programs, events, facilities and infrastructure that enhance the student experience on-campus; and
Empower and inspire students to initiate activity and place-making on-campus.

Through achieving these objectives, it is anticipated that Murdoch University willl;

Experience less “leakage” of students to surrounding areas for retail and leisure
Attract students to the University through its dynamic and inclusive community
Instil a sense of pride and belonging among students.

The interns will contribute to development of the urban activation strategy and program through undertaking specific research on student needs and developing solutions. The interns will be required to work together as a team on this project by developing and implementing a communications plan and a report.

This internship opportunity will commence Semester 2 and require the commitment of one day a week.

Contact Person:

Lyndelle Perpoli

Urban Infrastructure Manager


/Jenny Ljunggren


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