What NOT to do during exam week

With exams looming, deadlines closing and anxiety levels through the roof, surely I’m not the only victim of study week chaos.

We’re always being told what to do in order to cope with exam stress. Aunty Annie and Uncle Greg are more than happy to hand out some free advice, which lets face it, at some part involves “back in my day….” Instead I’ve listed 7 things that we really shouldn’t do during our study break.

  1. Procrastinate

If it were a job, I’d already be a millionaire. Believe it or not I once googled “how not to procrastinate”, desperate times I guess. It was half an hour spent learning about balanced diets and the brain, props to wikiHow. But lets be honest that was half an hour I probably could have spent studying rather than kicking myself a week later during the reading time of the exam, wishing I’d tried that bit harder.

  1. Start watching a TV show, now in its fifth season

While it may seem like a great idea its probably not. Yes, you may want to join in on the banter about the bombshell dropped in Game of Thrones, but come one, surely that can wait until next week. Don’t even try and trick yourself with things like “If I revise a whole chapter that’s enough to reward myself with an ep” or “just one more episode and then I’ll get up.” It never works! And before you know it you’ve smashed the entire season of Desperate Housewives.

  1. Napping

Napping is not the answer. Not a one hour nap or a four hour nap. Just don’t do it. I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but it’s going to be there, just as you left it when you wake up.

  1. Cleaning

That part of your bedroom floor that’s been desperately calling for a clean can probably wait a few more days. You’ve ignored it the whole semester why pretend it bothers you now (sorry mums!). Nor should the dusting over the TV cabinet require immediate attention. Put the feather duster down and pick up your pen!!

  1. Binge Eat

Your answers unfortunately, cannot be found in a bag of chips. Or a block of chocolate for that matter. And if you’re anything like me, you’ll spend the rest of the arvo regretting that earlier decision, end up in a grump and as a result achieve no real study. Listen to your ‘overly enthusiastic’ Aunt and aim for a balanced diet.

  1. Health Kick

On the contrary, deciding today’s the day to make full use of that gym membership taking up space in your wallet, may not be the best call either. I’m all for exercise, but starting an intense body blitz could probably be postponed for just a few more days. Four hours at the gym, really guys?!

  1. Life Reflection

You may be stressed but you can do it! This is not the time to reflect on all of your major life decisions or re-consider other possible career options that do not involve exams. Becoming an exotic dancer may seem like your only option, but lets face it, the dance moves you whip out at Metros on a Saturday night is probably not going to cut it.


/Renee Ciesla 

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