PR a La Carte – what happened on the night

Another PR a La Carte is done and dusted and it was an amazing night as always! Judging by the comments we received afterwards from some of the students attending we are confident to say that it was another huge success!

Have a read of some of the fantastic feedback PURE has received from those that attended PR a la carte;

Brooke Napijalo (third year student at Murdoch University studying a Bachelor of Digital Marketing and Media) has kindly summarised some of the advice she was given on the night;

Sharon Maloney, Director of Spun Communications

Sharon was able to talk us through her impressive journey as a public relations practitioner and her decision to go from a stable government job to starting her own business. She said she enjoyed the flexibility, being her own boss and that she didn’t have to market herself too much to get clients, word of mouth was enough.

Rhiannon Sloan, Marketing Communications Coordinator with UXC Eclipse

Rhiannon stressed the importance of having a good attitude both at university and in an internship. She said teachers notice when you are attentive and employers will forgive your mistakes if you show a willingness to learn. She also said that double checking your work for spelling mistakes was an essential part of working in public relations. Rhiannon told us not to take it to heart when people correct your work and give you constructive criticism.

Hannah Tagore, Director of Media and Communications for the Department of Fire and Emergency Services

Hannah told us to work for someone we believed in. She gave the example of the passion she feels when talking about her previous work with the Alzheimer’s Society. Hannah warned us to know where to draw the lines with journalists because they all want to be your best friend when you have information that could be of use to them but they can quickly turn nasty if you can’t give them what they want.

Andrew Mathwin, Strategy Team Leader with Clarity Communications

Andrew advised my table to get as much experience speaking as possible; whether it be giving presentations standing up in front of people or going to events and speaking to others. He said public relations agencies appreciate it when students show effort by doing their research on the company and asking to see them for a coffee. Andrew said he liked students who were creative, worked well under pressure and worked well in a team. He admitted he prioritised a good personality and work ethic over someone who just has good grades.

In summary:

“The public relations professionals who attended the PURE PR a la Carte advised us to believe in what we were doing, have a good attitude and get as much experience as you can so you can learn from your mistakes. I am so glad I attended the dinner and had the opportunity to get such helpful tips from well respected members of my industry” -Brooke Napijalo

“This was my third time attending PR a La Carte and I truly enjoyed the night. Not only is it a great chance for us students to see that the professionals in the industry are people just like ourselves who have had ups and downs in their careers, but they are also a great source of knowledge and to be able to pick their brains is invaluable. One of the professionals, Rhiannon Sloan, mentioned something to my table that really stayed with me. She reminded us about how many PR/Marketing and Media students graduate every year, say 150 from Murdoch, 150 from Curtin and 100 from ECU (don’t quote me on these numbers). This means that 400 graduates are fighting for the same few graduate positions every year just in WA. We all need to develop something that sets us apart from the rest, and this was a true eye-opener to me. Remembering how tough it can be to get a job will truly help me to stay motivated in finding new ways to excel and develop my skills ” – Jenny Ljunggren

“I love the concept of PR a La Carte. Sitting down to chat with the students over a meal is a relaxed and intimate way to share my thought and advice with everyone and I ended up having a great night”. – Rhiannon Sloan, Marketing Communications Coordinator with UXC Eclipse

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