PURE President 2015

Put your hand up for President, she said.

It will be fun, she said!

Well, she was right!!

She of course, is Me. In case you do not know me I would like to take this opportunity to offically introduce myself, my name is Lynsey Brady and as of March 2015 I was voted in as President of PURE at Murdoch University. I trust you are all familiar with the fabulous PURE committee and what it is we do, if you are not then … you are in for a treat!

Well. In a nutshell… we are the student Public Relations Chapter at Murdoch University and our sole purpose is to plan, coordinate, and host events for communications students…

Are students from other disciplines and Uni’s across Perth welcome at these events as well, I hear you ask?

Well, of course they are!

Immediately after being voted following the lovely Kayla Webb stepping down I was asking myself, what have I done!? As if I don’t have enough on my plate!

But not one to shy away from a challenge, I brushed off my worries and started to get excited! It seemed like the perfect opportunity to bring my leadership A game in my 3rd and final year at Murdoch.

After a brilliant 2014 which seen the committee and our events grow from strength to strength, this year looks to be the perfect opportunity for PURE to push forward and gain some serious momentum through cross-collaborations with other emerging leaders and University committee’s, get up to some social media hijinks, and have some serious fun in the process!


I have no doubt whatsoever that the committee is going to rock it this year!
PURE has some fantastic ideas in the pipeline and we would love to see and hear from you throughout the year. Whether it’s at our events or through something as simple as sharing one of our blog posts. Don’t be shy, It all counts!

/Lynsey Brady


*Do you want to know more about Lynsey? Click on the “Our Committee” tab and you can find more information about all our committee members!

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