Social Media. Counter-terrorism. Youth Radicalisation.

Social Media. Counter-terrorism. Youth Radicalisation.

Just a few of the topics I could sit and listen to Dr Anne Aly talk about all day long! Her passion for all these things and more was nothing short of infectious at the Women In Media’s 1st event for 2015.

Although ‘Get Serious’ was founded on some horribly confronting issues such as terrorist and radical organisations use of social media and the tragic events of the Sydney Siege and Charlie Hedbo attacks the only thing this event was lacking in was time!
The wisdom of Australia’s pre-eminent female expert in counter-terrorism, plus the launch of a campaign in defense of free journalism meant it was definitely a jam-packed night.

Myself and PURE’s lovely Social Media Manager Jenny Ljunggren were fortunate enough to attend this event and soak up this fantastic opportunity. It was awe-inspiring hearing exactly what Anne has achieved throughout her life (at least this far anyway!) – internationally-recognised research, counter-terrorism expert (who just happened to have flew in from a White House counter-terrorism conference days prior to attending this event..No Biggy!) just to name a few.

But what was more inspiring was the fact she never for a minute gave up whenever obstacles were thrown at her. Whether it be both men and women questioning her credibility, gender inequality and yes even death threats! YOU GO GIRL!!

It was a fantastic night that saw Sky News Host Ashleigh Gillon barely get a word in edge ways! But that didn’t stop us from soaking up a wealth of knowledge while Anne discussed the power of social media in relation to reaching radicalised youth and countering violent extremism, not to mention the implications for journalistic freedom should new metadata legislation be imposed.

An eye-opening event that I thoroughly enjoyed! I’ll definitely be attending plenty more WIM events in the future!

Hopefully I’ll see you there!

/Lynsey Brady


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