Welcome semester One!

Alright so semester one has officially begun! Some of us have had a massive 3-month break from uni while others reading this might begin their first semester ever. If that is the case; Welcome! Welcome to the PURE blog but also – welcome to the journey that is university! It will make you cry in exhaustion, laugh so hard you have to hold on not to pee yourself, and occasionally it will also make you scream out loud, because that is what you do when you are immensely proud of yourself. All of this will happen. This is why I am so pumped at the moment, a new semester means new units, new books (so expensive that I have to eat noodles for about 2 weeks – but anyway), and new acquaintances who by the end of the semester will have become good friends.

Some of you reading this might not really know what PURE is, what we do and who we are. It doesn’t matter if it is your first semester or your last, sometimes things go unnoticed, PURE might be one of these things. Maybe you study PR but haven’t really felt the need to engage in your studies and the students around you. (If this is the case – you are wasting your uni years, get your sh**t together!)

I want to take this opportunity to tell you guys about what we are all about. PURE exists purely (see what I did there) for the PR students at Murdoch, run by a group of students happy to lend some of their valuable time to make things happen for the programme they love. The committee meets every second week and we plan great PR events for you, we make sure that you know about the new internship opportunities available, and we organize so you get a chance to get to know your classmates (and PR students from other universities) better outside the lecture theatres.

3 years pass quickly guys, take my advice and make this semester the one where you do something different. Where you take your uni-experience a step further. This semester we are looking for more motivated PR students to join our committee. Do it! And if you are lacking the time, make sure to come to the events we put on. To become successful you need to walk that extra mile, and as cheesy as it may sound, In PURE we walk that mile together. It is great fun and guarantees a bunch of life long friends by the end of it, so send us a PM if you are as keen as we are for an amazing PR-semester ahead!

/Jenny Ljunggren


(some of the PURE members at last years Murdoch Open day)

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