RIP Robin Williams

Today the world lost a truly amazing man.

Robin Williams

I find it pertinent at times like these that we focus on the good and not on the bad. It is so sad to think of the gem that the world has lost in Robin Williams, but let’s take the time today to thank the man who gave us so much laughter and happiness, and for most twenty-somethings, our childhood. And not only was the man a comedy genius, he was the centrepiece for some of history’s most incredible films.

I have the fondest memories of watching Dead Poets Society in my year 12 English class, and let’s be honest, who hasn’t faced fear with a defiant “carpe diem!”? And being a young Gen Y-er, I have only recently come to discover and appreciate Good Will Hunting, but it sits proudly at the top of my list of favourite movies. And when one was in search of comedy, they need not look any further than the many, many movies in which Robin Williams starred. My personal favourite has to be the modern spectacular; Happy Feet.

Yes, we’ve lost him, but just look through your DVD collection to see how much of an impact he has made on your life. And this weekend, in true testament to a great man, pull your favourite one off the shelf and share it with your family.

Just to trigger your memory, the Sydney Morning Herald posted clips of Robin’s greatest hits:

Goodbye mate.

Tell us your favourite Robin Williams memory.

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