You are unique

Not that I consider myself a social activist or a hard-core feminist by any means, but the below video definitely does make my blood boil. This is one of the many reason that so many teenage girls and young women suffer with such low self-esteem, body image issues and eating disorders. I have no shame in admitting I am one of them, I will never be entirely comfortable in my own skin, as I think no one ever will, but rather than focusing on our flaws I am a huge advocate for highlight the features that we are proud of. Like for example my smile, my height, my brain, and my self-confidence that although it has taken a long time to rear it’s extroverted little head, I am grateful that it eventually did appear because all of these and more are what make me the person I am today. The person all my friends and family love unquestionably (although I do believe it tests their patience from time to time).

Campaigns like the one below are just one example of the power and influence that media can have upon society and how we are manipulated to desire an entirely unrealistic self-image. But really if you stop and think about it, ultimately people are setting themselves up for failure because even models don’t look like that! At just 15 years old supermodel Monika Schnarre had the entire industry nailed.

‘How ironic this all is. I’m hired for my looks, and yet it takes them three hours to make me pretty enough to photograph. Isn’t that weird?’

So after this little rant of mine, all I want you to take from this is that, as cliché as it may sound, you are unique, and that’s why your family and friends love you as much as they do! So don’t forget it and get out there and FLAUNT it.

/ Lynsey Brady

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