Join us for a coffee on the 7th of August at the Tav

pure coffe invite_edited-1
All of us in the PURE committee were once First Year Uni students, and we still remember how daunting those first weeks, and even months, were. How were you meant to get to know anyone in your classes when everyone took off as soon as the tutorials finished, and how could you attend all the great events when you had no one to go with?

The PURE committee have therefore decided to create an event especially for this particular reason – a coffee catch-up for all the new First Year students who have joined the PR programme at Murdoch this year! This is your chance to meet us in the committee and get a face to the name – we are happy to be your mentors and answer any questions you might have about PURE, the PR programme or Murdoch University (Or chat about other, less serious topics). And even if you don’t really care about these things you should still come – it is a great opportunity to speak to your class mates outside of the tutorials over a coffee or tea. And it is all FREE!

Drop by and say hi (you are welcome to come even if you are not in your first year, as long as you are a PR student keen for some networking – Thursday at the tavern is where you should be!). We are all really down to earth people and we want to get to know you!

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