Third Year Uni Student to Daunting Working Reality.


We all remember the feelings we got when we began our first year at uni. We were nervous and stressed, we were thinking to ourselves whether we were doing the right course or the right thing, and we were wondering if we would make good long lasting friends. To be honest, the experience was stressful and daunting.

Your first year in Uni is all about finding your footing, getting a lay of land and finding your way. Second year you are settled, you have your courses down, your friends are rocking and you feel like you are living the high life (obviously discounting the added stress of exams and assignments… that’s a given). Then it’s all over before it even starts and you are facing the daunting realisation that you are about to finish uni and have to start looking for a real job. All of a sudden you are out in the real world – dealing with reality on your own, with no backup.

This is where the stress kicks in again; you need to have your future sorted. Trust me, I know how it goes; I went through it not to long ago. I started my final year of uni in a panic, I thought to myself “Oh my gosh! I don’t have any PR experience, I haven’t had an internship and what if I don’t get a job – I don’t want to leave yet”. Honestly though, it’s not as bad as it seems to be, that I am 100 percent sure of.

To ensure that you will find a job opportunity when you graduate or a possible work experience there a few things that you should keep in mind. I’m not one of your parents so I wont lecture you on how to do it and when, I am just simply trying to take the stress off your shoulders a little bit, as I know that it can be scary stepping out into the reality and the world unknown.

Here we go:

  • Making connections is key – communication with unit coordinators and friends are ways to find out about internships. Do as many as you can and make your choices as diverse as you can. Building your portfolio is kind of essential, it’s what makes you stand out from everyone else. Make it known to employees that you are hardworking and willing to face a challenge. The second they see diversity in your resume you will have them hooked and an interview will be on its way. Yay you’re halfway there!
  • It’s all about networking and who you know. If you meet someone who works in the same field you hope to get into one day JOT THEIR NAME DOWN and make sure they remember you! Communication is key!
  • Join Committees – it’s an amazing way to gain experience and make fabulous friends. I know I did and sometimes I even wish I joined and became a part of my little committee family earlier. The more experience you have the better! It wont be stressful to leave uni if you know your resume is of standard, and that comes from all the internships or committees you are a part of – it will show that you have the experience required. But in saying that, don’t let the stress get to you. I know it’s easier said then done, I still feel anxious about leaving uni this year, but after gaining some experience and sorting my resume out, I am more at ease.

Reality may be scary at first, just like uni, but, it’s all about baby steps.

Renae Cummins

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